The Others

January 1, 2009
By JustDance GOLD, PG, Other
JustDance GOLD, PG, Other
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There was only one way to describe her motion- she was zooming, literally, through the air. She was unbelievably ecstatic as she twirled through the sky, creating shapes in the clouds. Closing her eyes, she flipped so she could float along her back. Sun warming her face, she leaned her head on her arms, Smiling, humming a tuneless song, she realized she had never felt so happy, so free.

Her dreams scattered as sunlight softly filtered through her window, casting shadows across her purple pillow. Sighing, Emily roled ovr onto her other side, squinting her eye to prevent the sunshie from opening them. As hard as she tried, though, she could not return to the ease of the clouds. Moaning, she threw a glance at the alarm clock. She actually growled as she saw the numbers flashing a red seven o'clock.

Rolling herself out of bed, she grumble at the ridiculous hour. It should not exist on a sunday morning. A peek out the window revealed a day that was sure to be blue and sunny. Emily was quickly reminded of her dream, and she felt her mood rise cosiderably, muchagainst her will. Dressing quickly, in a hurry to be outside, shje grabbed her mittens ad multi-hued scarf-she did not to risk placing bes against Mother Nature in autumn.

Stepping into her velvet boots, she bounced down her stps, quietly closing the frot door behind her. She shook her thick mane of hair from under her scarf, the chocolate locks trailing down her back. Slipping her hands inside her warm mittens, she began to walk aimlessly down the street.

Looking up, shecould see the overhanging trees struggling to hang onto their color-changing leavs. Closing her eyes, she inhaled the seet scent of October, trying to commit it to memory. On an impulse, she twirled around, swinging her hair around and throwing her arms out. Giggling, she slowlystopped, grinning with her eyes wide open. It was then that she saw a figure standing only a few feet away.

Even though she quckly turned around and began walking with a hastened pace, Emily was quite aware that tis was the most gorgeous boy she had ever seen. She resisted the urge to tur around again for one more peek.

Just ashe realized the stinging air on one of her bare hands, Emily felt a tap on her shoulder, followed by the most mesmerizing voice she had ever heard.

"Excuse me, I believe this is yours?"
Turning around slowly, feeling a blush spread across her cheeks, Emily stared in dibelief as the boy offered her her mitt. She could only return her gaze to his face, observing how his dark haihung over his forehead in a dashing way. His lips were turned up on one side, perhaps at what he had just seen. His eyes were a deep piercing blue, but quickly flitting between confusion and bemusement at her frozen state.

Givin herself a mental shake, Emily graciously took back the mitten. "Thank you, I guess I drpped it." She gave what she hoped was a glowing smile, internally glowing at her ability to talk to someone who looked like this.

Chuckling softly, the other side of his mouth lifted up until his whole fce was al smiles, and it blew er away. She was going to give seven o'clock in the morning more respect from now on.

"so, what brings you out here so early?" She felt strangely compelled to engage this stranger in conversation.

" i like going for walks in the morning. Gives me time to think, without the noise of everyday people." His eyes drifted away as if he were seeing somethingin the distance-she didn't want to look over her shoulder to check-and he suddenly seemed lost in thought, smile sliding off his face. Quickly, he brought his attention back to hers, giving her a blinding smie that left her breathless. "and how about you..I'm sorry, I did not ask for your name. I'm James." Another smile ,as though he were eager for her answer.

Blushing again, cursing this human quality she seemed to have too much of, Emily gave this James hername. "I usually am still in bed at sleeping but the sun had other plans for today." She silently thanked the rays that had forced her out of bed, for hey had led to this fateful meeting.

"Well, I'm glad you resisted sleep today, for a morning like this should not be wasted." His folloing smile seemed so sincere that she was filled with awe. Could it be that James was as glad to know her, as she was to him? She sqashed this fleeting hope, before the disappointment could cause her any pain later.

James stared intently at her face, seeming to watch every emotion as it crossed her features. Emily was often teased by her close friend, because she seemed o be such an open book. No matter how hard she tried, her facial expressions always gave her awy. She tried to compose herself into a friendly mask, not wanting to betray the frantic beating of her heart.
James broke away his gaze, looking up as the sun peeked through the clouds. Emily was relieved, for she had been slowly melting like a chocolate bad left out on a summer day.

James spoke again, his voice quiet and thought ful. "I never knew this city coud be so beautiful." He glanced at her as he sad this, then returned his eyes to the sky. "I had my doubts, but I"m startng to re-consider that." He smiled again, this one revealing a dimple in his left cheek. "Do you go to the local igh school? Tomorrow is my first day, and it woulod be nice to know someone." He tore his eyes away from the clouds, and she was shocled by the sincerity she saw. Could it really be? No, she had to put that thought out of her mind now, before reality crushed a hopeless dream.

"yes, I go there. I'll be your personal guide, if you'd like." She answered, wondering where this boldness came from.

"That sounds great," he replied. "I-"He abruptly broke off, eyes appearing miles away. His mouth dropped into a surprised "o," brows furrowing over sddenly blazing eyes. Before she could even ask what was wrong, he smoothed his features into a calm facade, and speaking in a tense, strained voice, "I am very glad I met you, Emily. I can even say I am excited for school now. I'm sorry, but I must take my leave now." Flashing one last smile, he too pff, almst running away.

Emily stood, frozen in place. "Bye," she whisperd weakly, not knowing wat to think. He seemed to have meant what he had said, yet his hurried departure almost contradicted his words.

The author's comments:
This is just the beginning of a story I started not too long ago. I have to thank y friend Emily, because it was all because of her that this got started. We agreed that if I wrote her a story then she would paint me a picture, and I'm so glad we made this deal. I feel good about what I have started!

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~^.^~ said...
on Sep. 23 2010 at 2:04 pm
way to many spelling errors it was distracting but the story line was very well done :)

lo_lo said...
on Jan. 29 2009 at 9:57 pm
AHHHH! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! OMG! its so fresh and imaginative!

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