A Bang A Smash and A Life Change

December 31, 2008
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If I where in charge of the world allot of things would be different but then again who would want to be in charge of the world for some things are just to could to be true and they eventually
come back to bite you in the butt. Though it would be nice to be in charge. If I where in charge of the world one thing would be certain I would want every person to live out just one dream just
one wish! Just think doing so would make the world so much happier and peaceful for someone to say that your wish can come true instead of just saying wish upon a star and just hope. I
do have to admit some dreams can not be done some are dangerous but there is always a way to satisfy those dreams to satisfy all dreams without hurting each other the real problem
is finding that way to satisfy those dreams. I believe the concept of world peace is obtainable if people just find the ways to satisfy others dreams, for the world to be truly peaceful we need
3 words to be more often used "Yes You Can!"

My Road Map
My name is Emma McLaughlin and I can say that in a way I was in charge of the world it took awhile to actually be in charge 23 yrs to be exact but I learned being nice and common courtesy can
land someone large and in charge! You see when I was in high school I was a cheerleader on the varsity squad, an editor for the newspaper, homecoming queen, captain of the debate team, and
valedictorian. When I graduated I want to Harvard to be a lawyer and then turned out to be in charge of the world and a politician! I was in my senior year final semester you could say I was pretty
happy good grades, captain of the debate team, homecoming queen, and rumored to be this years valedictorian. I really was just focused on myself and really didn't care about anything else I was
just aiming for the big and the best go to Yale and maybe marry a nice rich guy settle down and have a couple of kids my life’s plan was rolling in my head and it was going to happen one way or

Stop and Big Bang!
I woke up like I did every school day 6 am my alarm clock went off and I reluctantly got out of bed and into the shower. I finished my shower then go and get dressed and run downstairs by 6:30 for
breakfast. “Good morning sweetie, I got your breakfast ready strawberry waffles, hash browns, and orange juice!" my dad George exclaimed like it was some kind of award. "Dad I told you I'll eat
breakfast at school and don't call me sweetie now I have to go Greg's going to pick me up in 30mins, I have to walk to Susie's house and go and get her first so I'll see you later." "Bye to you has
anything after school because its family game night and your grandma are in town" my mom explains as she comes from in the living room with curlers in her hair. "Mom you know I hate those
and besides I have cheerleading practice after school because there is a game today after school at 6 and then Greg and the guys are going to go out and have pizza so I won't be home till nine tell
grandma I'm sorry and I'll catch her next time." I exclaim as I rush out the house before then can fit something else in to say. I rush out the door knowing that I'll pay for that when I get home but I was
going down the block to get Susie so I just really didn't care. I knocked on Susie's door and her Mom answered like usual. "Oh Hi darling Susie be down in a minute why don't you come in?" "Sure
Mrs. Patterson just tells Susie to hurry." "Susie darling Emma’s here" "I’m coming Mom just give me a sec I have to get my cheering stuff!” Susie replied in a hurry. "So Emma would you like some
milk, orange juice, toast?" "No thank you Mrs. Patterson we'll eat at the Stop and Go at the corner that’s where Greg's picking us up" "Ohh...Ok" Mrs. Patterson says in disappointment. Then I hear the
rushing footsteps of Susie Patterson. "I'm ready lets go Emma Mom I have cheering practice after school and there’s a game at 6 then we are going to go out and celebrate so I won't be home till
9." "No problem honey do you need a ride?""Sure pick me up at Mamma Mia's at the corner of Garrison and Ferumont at 9" "Ok have fun honey" "Bye mom I love you!" Susie says as she kisses her mom
on the cheek and we head at the door and walk down to the Stop and Go. See Susie's mom is really cool since the divorce she lets Susie to anything to keep her little Angel happy. "You know I wish your
parents would be more like mine understanding and cool" "Emma your parents just care about you that’s all." "That’s what you say every time why you can’t be a Dr.Phil and give me good advice."
"Hey I want to be a real estate agent not a talk show host!" "Sorry so what are you going to have for breakfast?" I ask Susie as we walk into the Stop and Go. She answers by grabbing a slim fast and
a fruit cup I grabbed a hash brown and water. We go up front to pay and little did we find the little soccer nerd that lives down the block and is in our grade but goes to Garrison Mortion he's there
every morning I swear he's a stalker. "Well hi will that be all?" the boy at the front counter named Conner (at least that’s what his name tag says) ask us like he does every morning. "No and you
already know that no just ring us up give us our change and but out" I say like I do every morning you might think its mean but when you see this annoying kid every morning you wouldn't blame me.
He rings us up and gives us our change and shy’s away. "Nerd just goes play with your soccer ball maybe one day you will make it to the looser bowl." Susie says as she puts a big L on her forehead and
we laugh as we walk away. We go sit down at a table outside as we wait for Greg. "Emma doesn’t look now but the losers moping up some little kids pancakes looks like he’s practicing for his future
job or the job he'll be having for the rest of his life!" Susie says with a howling laughter. I laugh along for a little finish my hash brown and see Greg pulling up to put gas in his car. I see that Susie sees him
too as she finishes up her fruit cup. Greg finishes pumping gas and pulls up to the front and opens our doors. "Good morning lady’s your driver has arrived." Greg jokes. "Geese while thank you kind sir"
I jokingly play along. We get in the car and pull out of the Stop and Go as I buckle in my seatbelt and take a look back and see the loser staring I roll my eyes and turn around to see Susie lying down in
the back and covering her head while Greg try’s to cover me. I didn't exactly see why initially it was all a blur but then there was a big light and it hit me literally.

Slow Down and Look In The Mirror
The next thing I know I'm waking up in a hospital and all i saw was my mom, my dad, a doctor, a police officer, flowers, and ballooons. Then the next thing I heard "Emma your ok!" my mother's face lights up and she nearly jogs over to give me a big hug the curlers still in her hair. Next my dad came over and gave me a soft kiss on my forehead and says "Sweetheart you feeling alright?" I grougly wake up "I'm fine but what happened where's Susie, Greg?!" "Sugar do you remember what happened?" The police officer questioned me I pondered on this a moment "I remeber a hash brown and a water Greg pulled up openeed our doors we got in where pulling out of the Stop and Go a loser was staring at me and then i remember seeing Susie covering her head then Greg was covering me then a bright light and then a hospital room." "Honey Greg let go of the wheel to save you and hit the door to unlcok them and the 'loser' pulled you, Susie, and dragged Greg otu you all get hurt but thanks to this 'loser' you might be bruised but at least your not buried!" "Well how are they" I still presisted in asking? " Well darling Susie has a few scraps and bruises but she'll be ok. Greg has a sprained left ankle and might need a knee surgery and this 'loser' your refering to has a sprained left hand and right foot he'll the worse hurt he'll be homebound for at least 1 month." the police officer finally answered my question.

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