The Theatre

December 15, 2008
By Shucota Vandagriff, Sedan, KS

I have a mansion with a theater that is as big as an auditorium. Today I'm going to tell you about the first time i viewed a movie in it.

Well first of all I walked up to the box office which is was as big as a classroom and payed for a ticket. I looked at the line of people which was as long as an anaconda. As i walked I heard talking and popping of popcorn. Ther popcorn machine was as hot as teh sun as i walked by it. A child yelled as loud as a mooses cry. I then walked to the concession with a littered floor. The man greeted me smiling. There were many candy bars, mountans of candy bars. And there was an ocean of popcorn. I bought a pop and walked in to the theater. There I saw speakers, exit signs and arrows telling me where to go I followed the arrows and walked to my designated seat 27B. There as I sat I saw people making out and many couples holding hands.

I placed my hand on the seat to pull down the arms and to my suprise, gum. Another unpleasant thing that I found where pop had been spilled. It was sticky and irritating. The smoothness of the chair was comforting though as well as the fact that Super Bad had popped up large on the screen.

So the movie began. The overwhelming smell of a mans cologne almost made me hurl up my popcorn and pop but over all good so far. The movie got over and i went to sleep for this was my house so I didn't have far to go so there's the story of the first time I watched a movie in my own theater.

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Really Nice!!! A mix of things that kept me on edge! I loved it :D It would be great if you could check out my work! Any comments or ratings would be very appreciated!!

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