The Haunted House

December 12, 2008
By Danny Dutson, Delta, UT

It was Kaden, Kole Badge and I. We were tricker treating in St. George and we decided to go to a haunted house and we got their and their was a huge line. So we waited for a long time and we got to the front and we heard kids screaming and I was kind of nervous. And then we got up to the front door and the guy guarding it said you may enter.

We got in their and we didn’t know where to go and light kept flashing and we were running into what looked like dead bodies hanging from the ceiling.

Finally we got out we went into the other room and it was pitch black and then I light turned on and was shining on a guy and he was just looking at us. Then we got to the door and it wouldn’t open we pushed the door and nothing happened. Then he pulled out a meat cleaver and chased us finally Badge pushed the door and it opened.

We got to the other room and it was just a strait hall with peoples arms coming through the wall and then at the end there was a guy with some yard clippers. So I saw a place where there was no arms so I pushed it and it opened.

There was another room and it was full of clown and joker dolls and it had a big tent thing all around it and it was spinning. And then there was to doorways and so Kole and Badge went through one and they screamed so we thought for sure that the other one was the right way ,but it wasn’t we went through and there was a clown standing there with a knife. We ran to other one and know one was there so we went through.

Then we got into another room and there was a guy that was normal and was chained to the and he said come help me please. And so Me Kaden And Kole were like no way. Badge on the other hand went and started helping him and we were like hurry or we will leave then he said ok and we left. Then we had to go around a turn and at the end the chainsaw massucar. And it started and we went back and the guy chained to the wall was guarding us so we had to pick one way and the only way out was to go the chainsaw way and I just pushed Kole in to the guy and we all got through the door eventually.

Then we got to the next room there was prison cells and all the prisoners were saying lets us out kids come on. Then on the end there was an electric chair with what look like dead guy that had been electrocuted we were all keeping an. On it then we bumped into A prison guy that was on his way to get electrocuted and said please help me and grabbed me and I elbowed him and he let me go. Then we went through and we got into the next room.

Then we got into a room that was like a science lab and there was glass test tubes or what ever they are called. Then smoke started coming up out of the floor and we couldn’t see and we ran to the door but in was locked so we went to the other door and while we were running a mad scientist guy popped out from behind who knows where and had a knife and started chasing us and we got out the door and were in another room and I thought how many more rooms could there be.

Then we got into the another room and there was a coffin and it opened and someone came out screamed and just went back down in to get ready for the next people. Then we were saying oh that wasn’t that scary right when we ran into a guy and he said I can’t let you out we said please he didn’t so Kole just ran and slid right by him and got out but once he saw him go out he wouldn’t let us so Kaden ran and stomped on his toe and the guy swore and grabbed his toe and we ran through.

Once we got into the next room and there was an alien looking guy holding a sword and he said want to die. We screamed and ran and opened the door and a air horn went of and something made air blow on us and we still went though just to go to another scary room.

The we got to the next room and there was a guy strapped to a table and a mad scientist was above with a knife and the guy was screaming and said save yourselves so we ran through a hall and you could see light and we were so glad to be out we were running and when we got to the end I a clown pop out and screamed. It scared us, but we got over it.

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