The Sicilian

December 12, 2008
By Tommy Jelsomeno, Bloomingdale, MI

Late one night in Sicily… a man with a suitcase was walking towards a seemingly abandoned warehouse. He was nervous. This was his first negotiation. He had nothing really to be nervous about, though. He had armed bodyguards with him. But he just didn’t feel right about something. He couldn’t think straight. The mafia family had just accepted him and he was still an outsider and wasn’t well known.
Just as he was walking in, a man opened fire and he fell to the ground, unable to protect his body from the bullets. He took off as soon as the man reloaded because he knew it was the suitcase. The reason he felt so special was because he had $2,000,000 in the suitcase. He ran, and when he was almost to his car, he was surrounded. He was scared on the inside and calm on the outside.
The enemy Capo was standing in front of him. He dismissed his guards. Bad Idea. The moment all the guards were gone, he fired three rounds into the man’s chest and ran to the car. He smoothly drove away as he was having a mental breakdown. He didn’t know what to think. Even though he was part of the mafia, he had never killed a man before today. He drove home to the mafia family compound. His family was The Cosa Nastra family. They were the original family in Sicily.
He was awarded when he arrived back in one piece, even though he didn’t get his job done. He was promoted to soldier. He was happy because he was now a guy who had outsiders following him on hits and heists. He was also happy because he had a bigger paycheck. Luigi was not very greedy, but he was very happy with the amount of money that he was making.
Luigi was also rewarded with a safe house and he could now move out of the apartment that he used to live in. He didn’t have to even pay for the house. It was like a dream come true. He was thinking to himself, it wasn’t a dream come true quite yet. He had never been one of the ladies’ favorite types of guys, so he didn’t think of a wife or girlfriend till now in his adult life.
The Cosa Nastra had hit a hard time. Luigi and his band of outsiders had to pull a bank heist. In his band of men were three outsiders trying to make a family name for themselves. The older one Was Michelangelo. He probably wouldn’t make it and was just in for the money. The middle one had better hopes. Roberto was going on thirty and was still like a child. Thomasito was a young mafian that had just joined and was still fairly young and could be successful.
The job that he needed to do was a hard job and he was trying to test the other outsiders to see if they were ready to become soldiers. If they were good enough, then he would become a mentor for one of them. He had already decided that he wanted to help Thamasito on his mission.
But he had to keep his mind on the mission for now. He was going to pull a bank heist on one of the biggest banks in the city. He was extremely nervous about the heist. He didn’t know what would happen. He wouldn’t find out until the bank was robbed.
He had a bad feeling, and now he knew why. There was a bank heist already going on!! He didn’t know what to do except to bust in and take the already stolen money. They all agreed that this was the best plan. “Ok, I think that is a very good idea, even though it’s suicide and we will probably die,” said Thomasito.
”Well, we will just have to do this, I guess. I’m just gonna start calling you Tommy, ok?” Tommy said ok, even though he really didn’t mind it and preferred to be called Tommy.
But Tommy had to stop worrying about that. He had to focus on the task at hand. He was walking in behind Luigi when he pulled and loaded his 9mm handgun. He was about to fire when he realized what was going on. “No! It’s a trap!!” he yelled. But it was too late. Luigi had walked right into the trap.
Someone in the family was a rat and had leaked to the police to wait for a bank heist. The guards were not reluctant to set a trap. They wanted to finish the mafia forever and hated them. When they saw Luigi walk in, they didn’t hesitate to shoot. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM! Three rounds were fired into Luigi’s stomach.
Tommy fired three rounds into each of the guards. Then he picked up Luigi, put him in the front seat and ran to the driver’s side. He took off down the road and towards the compound to safety. Tommy didn’t know what to say when he busted the door open on an extremely secretive meeting between the consilarie and the Don. Both were extremely unhappy with him.
But then they noticed that he was holding a soldier in the family by the name of Luigi. Tommy was young, thought the Don, and he didn’t know how he could hold up Luigi for so long and not look like he was about to give out on the world. Luigi had been shot three times in the chest and was bleeding all over Tommy.
Then it was as if time stood still for Tommy. Everything was quiet and it seemed so calm. He was running to the family hospital so he could try to save Luigi. The Don was pretty sure that Luigi wasn’t going to make it. Tommy was shocked the next day when his best friend had died in the night. They had the funeral the next day.
The Don’s name was Brody. He felt bad for Tommy. His mentor and friend had just been buried and he was still young. Brody thought that he would have to accept Tommy as a Capo.

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