School/Home School

December 10, 2008
“Oh joy…….it my first day of school…..” Rina sighed.

“Hi” someone said. “Are you new here? I have not seems you before.”

“Yes” she said quietly.

“My name is Chris, what’s yours?” he asked

“Rina” she said softly.

“That is a nice name. Which school did you came from?” Chris asked.

Great, this was the worse question that she was hoping not to hear because she was home schooled.

“Um…….I was home schooled.” She said half choking.

“Oh it must be nice not to be at school for six hours.” He said

“Yeah….” Rina said as the bell ring.

At lunch time she was asked the same question by another person.

“Hey you’re a new student aren’t you? What school you came from?” she asked in a loud voice.

“Um…I was home schooled…..” Rina said again and wanted to run away quickly.

“You were home schooled what a losers! Don’t you have any friends?” She laughed.

Rina turn her back and was about to run away but the girl blocked her way.

“Hey everyone guess what? This girl was home schooled. Isn’t she a loser?” she shouted.

Laughers surrounded Rina, her eyes was filled of tears. Someone step in and grab her hand to get her out of the crowd of strangers. It was him, the guy that she had talk to this morning.

He turned around and said to them “What so funny about being home schooled? Don’t we all have some kind of problem to deal with? We all have fear of something but why do we laugh at someone else

They had to stop laughing and agree to what he said. Some of them started to talk to her nicely. Her first day had turned out well it was a miracle.

Second ending: He turned around and told that girl “Don’t you have something better to do then picking on people? Don’t you have a life loser?”

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