Im Gone.

December 10, 2008
By Leigh Ambrose, Fredericksburg, VA

My alarm went blaring off at 530am on September 11, I had a big day ahead of me and had to get up and get ready to catch my flight to Sanfransico California, I had found out two weeks ago that my mother was getting sick. They had ended up finding cancer in her lungs and they didn’t know if it was too late to kill it, so I had to fly down to see her it was just a must. I hadn’t been flying that much so it was a big thing for me. I got ready and everything and left my house and began to drive to Newark international airport. I got there everything went as planed and finally after all of the airport security and bag checking I got on board the plane and sat down in my designated seat and took out a book to calm my nerves. I sat there and waited for all the other passengers to board the plane as well. Than after a couple minutes the plane was getting ready to take off. The pilot told us to buckle up and remain sat until he told us other wise. I took a deep breathe as the plane began to emerge off the runway my stomach nearly sprung up into my throat I was so nervous, planes scared me so much and this time it was one of the longest ones id been on. We had gotten in the air and it felt like a pound of bricks had been taken off my chest. Than I just sat there and thought about my kids and husband. They were at school and my husband was at work it was nice that he had taking them to school this morning I thought. It saved me so much to time and wouldn’t have made me be rushing around or make me miss my flight. He and the kids had been so nice and helpful to me since I had found out my mother diagnose. I am so lucky to have them, they are my life. Something made me break out of my train of thought and I had noticed that there was some banging up near the cock pit and I realized that the four guys that were passengers two seats in front of me were up at the captains door. I had no idea what they were doing up there but I thought it was probably a personal issue that was obviously none of my business so I went back to reading my book. Until I heard yelling even one plus me started to jump up and search from where it was coming from and I than noticed it was from the cockpit. All the people on the plane with me started talking to one another until we heard a loud thump and than the plane started to lose control. Everyone started panicking until we were back up and steady. Than all of a sudden too guys come out from the cock pit and they looked scary, while in the back round you could here another guy chanting “Allah is my god.” I thought for a second and realized we were getting hijacked! I contemplated in my head whether I should alert someone else and the hunch I had. Finally I decided I had too I jumped up and went to the row next to me and talked to this guy I told him what was happening in my body I was literally breaking down, I was so scared. But I showed everything would be alright. Once everyone knew what was going on the hijacking finally told us and they told us we were going to die. Everyone was just so scared and started crying, I was just hurting inside. How can my life just leave like this. I have a husband and children; I have a life outside this plane. I couldn’t let them get away with this I just couldn’t. I had to stop them, I hurriedly got everyone together and we talked about everything. The women crying over there husband and children, the men crying over there wife’s and children, and me crying over everything. We soon came up with a plan and that was too make sure our lives weren’t ending here and we would get back to our husbands, wives and children. We planned to attack them and kill whoever we could to take control of the plane. They were all skeptical but I told them we either die when this plan crash or we can at least try to save our selves. Before we left everyone got on the phone. I called my husband I was crying so much because I didn’t know if I was getting out, I just didn’t know if I would get to see him or hold him ever again. He picked up it felt so great to hear his voice. I cried to him and told him that I loved him and I wanted him to let the children know that if I don’t make it home that mommy loves them so much. He cried back and we cried together he promised me everything would be fine and things would turn out fine. He said be strong you’re my perfect baby, you’ll make it. I love you. And than turbulence came and knocked me out I screamed along with everyone else got slammed up across the wall and my phone had broken. That was the last time I could talk to him and I never got to say I love you too. I knew I had to make it home my heart was pounding so bad and everyone finally came back to together we went over the plan and than we counted. 1. 2. 3 go! And everyone ran towards the cock pit door screaming and banging and kicking. Wed tried everything we could to get through that door and the pilot got mad he swerved back and fourth to make us fall but we stood through it all we kept on bringing all the energy we had to save our selves and we made the pilot get distracted, I felt to plane feel like it was turning around or something and everyone felt like we had made than give up. We won! Until we started dropping and dropping everyone cried and screamed. I prayed to god please do let me die. I want to be home and holding my children I wanted to tell them how much they mean to me. I held on for my life and I watched the friends I had just met fall down the plane and die. People all surrounding me screaming for help and crying. My heart broke and my life was flashing before my eyes. I saw the grass and trees I knew my life was over in a matter of seconds. I closed my eyes and thought about my life and the great things, the love, the people in it and cried so hard. Than all that life, people and love was gone. And so am I.

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