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The One Hour Love Story

July 20, 2014
By JacobTheOrdinary PLATINUM, Rancho Cucamonga, California
JacobTheOrdinary PLATINUM, Rancho Cucamonga, California
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10:00 pm- His friends took Brian to a local pub for a low scale bachelor's party. Brian enjoyed the dim warm lighting hanging over the hill are table and the strangely familiar scent of puke and booze. There was a few spots open near the bar. Brian and his friends sat down and the bartender took their order. All but Brian ordered something with alcohol in it. Brian wanted to stay sober even though they took a cab over. His wedding is tomorrow.
10:09 pm- A group of women entered the bar and one of them seemed to be intrigued by Brian. They, as well, took seats at the bar next to Brian's friends. The brunette that was intrigued by Brian glanced over at him. Their eyes met and she blushed and turned to the tender to place her order. Brian's friend closest to the women was already striking out with bad pick-up lines. George, Brian's closest friend both in life and in the bar, whispered to Brian, "Guess who's not getting laid tonight."
10:17 pm- "Hey!" Mr. Strikeout exclaimed. Apparently it wasn't all that much of a whisper. Even some guys playing eight ball snickered at George's remark. George walked over to one of the brunette's friends with fairly large breasts and said, "Hello. I'm George and he," gesturing towards Mr. Strikeout, "is incompetent." She giggled and whispered something into his ear. They enjoyed the rest of their night together.
10:21 pm- That brunette still seemed intrigued by Brian. He glanced at her. She smiled and noticed the empty spot by Brian that George had left. She got up and took the vacant spot.
"Hello," she said as Brian sipped his drink. Her voice seemed oddly familiar to Brian. Was she a former lover or possibly a co-worker? After he swallowed, he said, "Hi."
"So why's a handsome man like you not hitting on a bombshell like myself?" Brian lifted his hand and gestured to the engagement ring. She leaned in close and whispered, "That's never stopped me before." he could feel the contour of her breast on his bicep. The fabric of her shirt fit tight around her body. She leaned back. "But how rude," she continued, "You have yet to introduce yourself."
"Brian. The name's Brian. Nice to meet you..."
"Nice to meet you Shasta."
"May I interest you in a game of billiards?"
"Uh, sure."
10:39 pm- By this time, Shasta beat Brian in three straight games of eight ball. Progressively getting better each game, he challenges her once more.
"Not that I enjoy beating you, but let's make this game interesting. If I win, you must fulfill one request I have."
"And if I win?"
"What would you like?"
"For you to set up my friend who keeps striking out with a friend of yours he hasn't met."
On the break, Shasta sunk two stripes and a solid. Before Brian even had a turn, Shasta sunk the other five stripes. On her next hit, Shasta ended the game.
"Time to pay up," Shasta said.
"So what was the wager?"
"To satisfy my request."
"And what would that be?"
10:43 pm- She whispered into his ear again, "Take me to the back room and follow all of my instructions to the letter." This was now a test of Brian's honesty. He took her to the back. She asked him to kiss her neck and squeeze her breast. It felt like time was rushing but frozen all at once. he leaned in, his lips were inches from her neck. He pulled away from her.
"I'm sorry. I'm marrying my fiance tomorrow. I can't."
10:45 pm- To Brian's surprise, Shasta pulled off her brunette hair to reveal his future wife's blonde hair. She took off her make-up to reveal her true identity of Margarette, Brian's fiance.
"I love you," Margarette tells Brian. Brian tries to comprehend everything.
"You were testing me?"
"More like teasing you," as she slides a hand onto his inner thigh.
At that impulse, Brian carried out Shasta's request on Margarette. The events that happened after that is for them and God to know, but to give you some insight, it's the small scale version of what they're going to do tomorrow night.
10:58 pm- "So 'Shasta,' may I buy you a drink?" Brian asked.
"Yes please. Goodness, I'm thirsty."
"I'm more breathless than thirsty."
Margarette explained what went on to her friends that were still there as she drank with her fiance. Afterwards, the almost newlyweds headed home to get some rest for tomorrow's events.

The author's comments:
I was challenged to write a story that takes place within an hour. I pass this challenge on to other writers. Also,the pear picture has nothing to do with the story.

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