The Last Day

May 5, 2014
By mdslane BRONZE, Layton, Utah
mdslane BRONZE, Layton, Utah
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I walked into the cement room as he began to say his last remarks. “There was so much shooting I wasn’t sure where people were,” he explained looking down with wondering eyes. “The police man came out of nowhere. There was blood everywhere. I never knew that so much blood could be in one person.” I looked down to not let him see me cry. He was a good man, I thought, my father just was at the wrong place that day. I saw the ring on my hand. A small grin of relief came on to my face. “Are you okay?” The man asked. “Because of you, my father didn’t get to see me marry yesterday,” I answered. “But I would have never met my husband either.” My eyes began to blur. “Look at me,” the man said quietly. I lifted my head shocked to see him smiling at me with a wet face. I followed in his example and let tears stream down my face again. “I know that my father would be proud though,” I spat out with a smile. I was thinking of him and how great he was. “It’s time to go,” the guard said. We began to walk down the hall and the other prisoners screamed at us. “Oh, they’re singing goodbye,” the man said smiling but voice shaking. “They’re sending me off in such a beautiful way.” I turned to see his hands trebling and tears falling down his face. I began to cry. “Why is the most beautiful girl crying,” he wondered voice still shaking. “There’s so much death that doesn’t need to happen.” “Pretty girls don’t need to cry, they smile to make the day brighter.” “We’re here,” the guard stated. My heart dropped and I felt my world crumbling around me. The man turned to me and took my hand to place something in it. “You don’t have to go in if you don’t want to,” he said walking into the execution room. I wrapped my fingers around the object and went into the room. They strapped him in the chair when I was sitting down. Our eyes locked; both wet from crying. “Smile,” he said. I smiled for him before he was hooded then looked down. I looked into my hands to see the wedding ring I had put on his hand yesterday. A tear fell from my eyes when I closed them and heard the screams of the man I once loved.

The author's comments:

This was an English assignment and my teacher told me that it might be smart for me to post it on here.

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