March 27, 2014
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I sat in a freezing, yellow, hideous chair just outside of Mon Cheri. I took a sip out of my perfect cappuccino. The foam was integrated, it did not float at the top like a sort of scum. The foam was not bubbly, but undeviating in texture. I ordered the cappuccino without any chocolate, because the chocolate adds an enormous amount of sweetness. It was not too hot, but it was warm enough to make me feel better about the crying women, men, and children around me. It was Christmas Eve, and the airport was a jungle of people. It was all very chaotic, like my previous conversation with my, now ex-girlfriend.
After the fight, my roommate had called from the bar and asked, “You left her or she left you?”
And all I could do at the moment was smile and utter, “love left us.”
Earlier today I sat at my bedroom window and stared out the mountainside. The clouds rolled by as though they were on invisible wings. I wished I was riding on one of them, to be whisked away to a land far away and forget the past, forget everything that had happened. Ashley was my soul mate, my one and only. She was the one that made me smile every time I was not feeling well. She was there after the death of my dog, the one who comforted me when I failed my exams. She was a loving friend, I could trust her with anything and everything.
Looking down on my cappuccino, tears threatened to roll down my cheeks. I swallowed the same lump in my throat over and over again. I heard my phone ring in my coat pocket, but now it was simply background noise. My body felt weak, I was drained of the last bit of energy.
“Now boarding Group 1 on United Airlines flight 116 to London Heathrow Airport,” the voice boomed above.
I was numb, exhausted, and powerless. Half-heartedly I got up, left a bill on the table and walked towards the gate.
The woman checked my passport and ticket, took a look at my face and nodded. I passed through the corridor that lead to my plane and took a seat next to an old lady. She had a brown bag in front of her, a glass of water and an Advil pill. I knew this was going to be a messy ride, but I did not care. This was my chance to start fresh. Move to London, forget about Ashley and start my education again. Maybe major in something else or continue studying quantum physics. Maybe meet a new girl, but whatever it was I wanted to do it without any regrets later in life.

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