On a Street

January 11, 2014
He coolly approaches woman walking in the cold, his boot heels clacking on the cement. As he gets closer, the loud pop of his knuckles can be heard. She turns and sees the man approaching,his long coat billowing out behind him.

"Stay Back!" she cries as the gap shortens from 10 feet, to 5 feet, then to 2 feet until he is practically standing over her. She wants to run, but her legs feel like their welded to the wet stone. The man tilts his head back slowly, his face still hidden from a nearby street lamp by it's wide brim.

"Ma'am," his gravely voice coolly whispered. "I believe you misunderstand my intentions."

"Then what do you want?" She stuttered out, clearly threatened by his impressive stature. She slyly reached into the pocket of the jacket draped over her arm, her dainty fingers firmly grasping the cold cylinder of anti-assailant she recently began carrying. However, she just wasn't sly enough.

"My dear lady," his voice crooned. "You don't need to fear me, but the news I bring."

"What news do could you possibly have that requires you to track me down in the middle of the street at night!" she exclaimed, her temper all but gone.

"News," he sternly replied. "That concerns us both." With this line he removed his hat all together. The long hair that was tucked up under the hat fell down his shoulders. with the shadow gone, she could see his face, from the scars to the eye-patch, everything was as she remembered.

"I thought the agency, I thought YOU were through with me," she whispered as the life that she had for so many years tried to forget suddenly caught up with her.

"We, I, thought so too," he responded. "They told me to give this to you." And with that he pulled out a large envelope, sealed, and with the emblem of the agency that stole her life. Hesitantly she took it, her hand shaking as she did so.

"What's in it?" She inquired as she turned it over in her hands.

"They didn't tell me," he muttered.

"Well," she tensely joked. "At least that much hasn't changed."


"Yes, well," he said as he replaced his hat. "My job is done." And he began to walk off in the same manner as her appeared.

"Wait!" She cried. "Will I see you again, John?"

John turned his head slowly towards her. "Jane, I don't know." And he vanished into the night, the sound of his boots chasing after him.

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