North Star

December 11, 2013
When she walks down the street, they can tell she's different. She wears a smile that shines bright in the dark crowd of sullen faces. In the world around her, they see crime and hatred, but she sees troubled souls and lonely hearts.

She's friends with the bully at school because she knows every rude comment and hurtful phrase that escapes his mouth is a reflection of what he sees at home. Her best friend is the quiet girl who no one talks to because she knows that she can break through the wall with kind words and friendship if she works at it long enough. She returns the rude glances with a genuinely friendly wave, and an even more genuine smile that can light up anyone's world.

When people tell her she's weird, she knows it's because she's different, and she's okay with that. Because they see twinkling stars, but she knows they're burning.

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