October 5, 2013
I never thought it would end like this. Me on the ground and you up there in all your glory, forgetting what helped you get up there; what stood by your side when you hit rock bottom and couldn't find the strength to stand up.

You forgot me. How could you forget me?

You found new friends, I get it. But did you have to replace me? You have Amy and Melody and your cell phones now. You talk about boys and how cute they are, but I never forgot that you used to find them gross. They have cooties, you used to say.

And when you’re sad, you lock yourself room and I can hear music blasting. But remember when you used to hug me when you got upset? Remember when you used to brush my hair and tell me all about your woes and I would listen. And then eventually, you would feel better and we would play house with the others.

What happened to that? I missed doing that.

Can we go back to the old days when you would come home from school and we would play together and pretend to be one big happy family? No, we were one big happy family, I know it.

I loved going everywhere with you, I mean it. We visited so many places together—do you remember the circus, with all those elephants and people that jumped so high, and you said, ‘I want to be that when I grow up!’ even though you didn’t know what that was? I was so scared the lion would eat me, but you held my hand the whole time. Afterwards, dad offered to buy some cotton candy but I couldn’t eat any, so you winked at me and said, ‘no thanks.’ How come you never wink at me anymore, Emily?

I don’t know how we grew apart. The others said this would happen—it always did—but I didn’t believe them. We were sisters, we would always be sisters. So how did it end up like this?

I see you walk by every day, I see you in the corner of my eye whenever you’re eating breakfast (blueberry pancakes are your favourite), so how come you can never see me?

I’m getting bored and I need someone to play with—hey.


Look down here! I’m down here!

Oh, boy… you left.

Here’s my chance. You’re coming by again and I really hope—


“Woopsies, did anybody see this doll here?”

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