To Fly

September 11, 2013
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My biology teacher always told me that I couldn’t fly. He said that it was “scientifically impossible”, and basically that dreams never came true. But when there are footprints on the moon, it seems like anything is possible, and when I was barely out of my grade school years, I threw myself off the top step of the carpeted basement stairs and the feeling of air beneath my fingertips was enough to tell me that I was born to fly. I had a shirt that had a set of wings imprinted on it, and I wore it simply to feel the soft feathers against my skin. And the necklace that says “Spread your wings and fly” on the large charm at the base? It’s to remind people to follow their dreams, dreams that may sound impossible, but really inspire the mind. They said no one would be able to fly to the moon, and now there are footprints in the soft white surface of moondust. The day the moon rains that dust upon the Earth, that’s the day I’ll be able to fly, and it may happen sooner than you believe. Because belief is everything to us with dreams. Belief keeps the spirit young, the voice clear, and the fairies flying. You may say I’m naïve, but on a scale of one to naïve, I’m pretty darn hopeful. All I want is to watch the clouds float around me, to feel the feathers of birds on my fingertips. I want to see the world from a bird’s eye view, because they say one of the fastest ways to travel is by a crow’s flight. I want to feel the moonlight against my back. Getting a tan from the moon may not be possible on Earth, but in the sky, anything in possible. They say the higher you go, the harder it is to live, but they say man cannot live on bread alone, so maybe flight is what will keep me alive. Under the sea, the world is dark and mysterious, but up above, the sky’s the limit! For me, the wings I wish I had live in my memory, keep my heart as light as a feather and my toes bouncing off the ground as if they themselves could float. Because what I want is the world at my fingertips, the freedom that only the open air can offer me. They say it’s impossible, but if the sky really is the limit, then why not try to meet that goal? My parents always told me to try my hardest, and to shoot for the stars. But to get there, the clouds have to come first, storms, silver linings and all. And maybe along the way I’ll find a way to keep on flying, to not let the world keep me down, because the ground against my feet feels like magnets, always keeping me stuck to the surface. Well someday, I’ll break the polarity of my body, I’ll float and soar, because impossible is a way to keep you from trying and “not scientifically possible” is only a hammer to my delicate dreams. You can hit them all you want: they can crack, but breaking them is harder. You might need more impossibilities to do that. But I wouldn’t count on it. The world can pull me down all they want, because someday, their ropes will snap and I’ll be off in the air, feathers and all, waiting to be welcomed into the sky of possibilities and endless wonder.

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