Beauty and the Beast

July 20, 2013
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He roared, hurling the remnants of supper towards the floor. The glass hailed on the kitchen tiles. The damsel looked at us. Helpless. Instinctively, I jumped out of my chair. Help her! Do something! Call for help! He shot me a menacing glare, don’t do anything. Her eyes pleaded, don’t do anything. Defeated. I shrunk back in my chair. Shame washed over me. Helpless. He snatched her from her seat. He lunged towards her, twisting her arm. She yelped in pain. Paralyzed, I remained in my seat, head hanging low. Helpless. The beast swung at her with his heavy paws. Her entire body absorbed the blow. I cringed. He backhanded her. I winced. I wasn’t sure what I found more unnerving, the pain or the humiliation she felt. Her eyes avoided mine. I shut my eyes, trying to escape this nightmare.

There was a firm bang as he stomped out. I scurried towards her. Her mangled body lay there lifelessly. Examining the collateral damage, I tried to remember the last time she looked “normal.” Faint splotches of purple and blue lingered on her arms and legs from the last drunk tirade. The once fragile features that adorned her face were completely distorted. The emotions had been drained out of her now vacant eyes. Scars scattered across the once delicate lips that smothered me with kisses.

I shook her shoulders gently.

“Mama, he’s gone.” I murmured.

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