JuJu part 1

March 9, 2013
By Rose22 SILVER, Shutesbury, Massachusetts
Rose22 SILVER, Shutesbury, Massachusetts
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I was snuggled up against my mother, brother and three sisters when i herd them talking, "dad we have to keep them they wont survive on their own" "Anabelle we are moving i will take care of it". I heard him, the man who had taken care of my mother come in to the shed he reached down and picked all of us up and put us in a box. Not only did he start driving us farther and farther away i realized that are mother, my mother was no longer with us. The car rattled on a little longer an till it made a grinding stop. It was silent an till the man picked us up again and plopped us down on the side of a field. I stepped out of the box so scared to be away from my mother. My brother and two of my sisters walked wobbly out of the box after me, i waited way to long before i peered into the box it was my sister she did not make it, she was so weak in the beginning the car ride and no more mom just killed her. My eyes filled up with tears and i whipped them away with my paw, i told my brother and sisters and we sat there scared and hungry. We all curled up and dreamed about food and a cozy house.

it began to get darker and darker an till we could only see the siluet of or body's i told my brother and sisters that we should try and find shelter, we moved slowly across the field and finally to the woods. we walked aways and then i saw it, that light. i can still remember it we walked towards it all four of us together. me a tabby gray and white, my brother black as the night with a star streak down his chest, my two sisters orange and white. We stopped and looked finally aware of what the light was it was a house. We were so happy we raised to the door pawing and meowing. A woman came to the door with her son in her arms, she opened it and looked down at us cold and thirsty. "oh poor kittens come in, come in". She opened the door more and we hurried in. The woman put her son down in his crib and came back to all four of us. She picked us up and put us in a big box, she arranged a bed and two bowls of milk and two other bowls of water. we a all curled up and watched her move through the kitchen and then fell asleep.

To be continued!

The author's comments:
The reason i am writing this piece is because its what i think happened to my cat JuJu.

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