The Favorable Path

March 20, 2013
People always tell me to "find my path in life".

Well that's great. For some people.

You know the people I'm talking about. The ones with a well-groomed and pretty path. A path that has been that way since they were born, and always will be that way. Their path has signs pointing in the direction of their futures which are just as posh and cushy. They go through their path without any worry, they have no regrets, no major problems. Life is good and simple.

But not everybody has the same path. Some paths aren't that great. Some are downright terrifying. What happens when the path that you're assigned to use is barely a path at all? What if it's been hurt over and over again that now it's virtually destroyed? Every tree has fallen, the leaves are scattered, no birds sing, no flowers bloom.

What if the path has been vandalized? Suppose somebody had been trusted to care for the path but instead of doing what they were supposed to, they dug holes, twisted the signs, pulled the bark off of trees, and made the path so terrible to behold, that nobody in their right mind would be able to find which signs point in the right direction, so they go the wrong way.

What if their was no path at all? What if a path that was supposed to made was just forgotten about? The only thing you see is a dim, bare, woods. Now they have to go on knowing that it will never be guaranteed where they end up, so after continuing on and on with no result, they give up completely.

Everybody is told to find their path in life, but nobody considers how much more of a struggle it is for some then others. They tell them to work it out themselves, then turn around and go skipping down their beautiful, sunny path, whistling along with the birds, and feeling the wind blow through their hair.

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