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Modern Man

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We live in a modern world where people are have become so indifferent. No one stops to bask in the mysterious ambiance of their own thoughts, nor do they take in the world around them, seeing the little things. We just go through life as fast as we possibly can, the people and moments around us morphing into one, insignificant blur. We drive through mindlessly, without rest, attempting to reach the goals supposedly worth accomplishing. And when we do not reach them, we seclude ourselves in our own dreams, the one's we were so fond of aspiring to attain, but time and age watered them down, concealing them until, one day, we come across them once again. We will wonder why we let them go and decide that we are not capable of achieving them, so we will resort back to daydreams. They will become so vivid, so genuine, that they will blend into reality, into the blur.

What happened to the peculiar notion that time should not be taken for granted? What happened to actually trying to understand life? What happened to being sentimental , allowing ourselves to be overcome by nostalgia of simpler times? I may be too young for that now, but I can't help but cry at the sight of a sunset over the nearby creek even though the highway ruckus pulses from across the way. I don't know why, but I do. Maybe it's because I know the highway wasn't always there, tainting the peace. People were different, maybe kinder, not hardened by life, and getting by was a breeze. Or maybe it's because the beauty still shines on, and that will not change, but I will. I'll grow old, fade away and take my place within the blur. But perhaps, if luck permits, I'll grow old not overlooking the little things but taking them in, understanding them. I won't be like the other empty shells that dare call themselves human beings. I'll be able to put everything into perspective and leave my own mark on this world. And I can look over the creek and see that the sun still sets the same way over the rocky beach and rickety overpass, its life unwavering.

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FerniB00 said...
today at 2:24 pm:
This. This is just... really amazing and captavating, I completly see how you view the "simple things" in life and I agree. You put a mixture of thoughts, philosophy, truths and opinions into 2 paragraphs and you did it well. I love it!
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