What Happens Overseas.

March 7, 2013
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Have you ever wandered what happens over seas? Well this story will give you a brief give you a story about a man and some of his friends in the army that go and patrol and are ambushed in the process. If you want to know what happens stay tuned for this story

“Do you see anything?” “Nothing but a sandstorm.” They were trying to remain clam but the heat would make them pant and every now and then hallucinate. “I think it’s time we turn around.” Jimmy said before getting a drink of water. “You know I think your right Jimmy.” Tony said as they edged up the hill. “Let’s call and said were heading back.” Stan said panting heavily. So he picked up the radio out of the trunk of the humvee. “Hello airbases 111-1 come in.” “111-1 here over.” “Were.” Before he could finish he lost connection to the call. “Hello 111-1.” Stan then quickly threw the phone down and he told them to hurry back. As they approached a giant sand dune there was an eerie feeling among st the men. “ I've got a bad feeling about this.” Tony said in fear of what might happen next. “I think all of us do.” Will said. Then all f a sudden there tire blew out in front of them. The men jumped and rolled out of the truck. “I hope you don’t mind me asking but what was that!” Brian said in shock.

There was a quiet desert landscape ahead of them. As they were walking to there car they saw some strangers walking in the distance. They began to walk towards them then all of a sudden they get knocked out by the men and token into captivity. A few hours later the slowly begin to fade back to themselves. “Where are we?” “I have no clue.” They stand up and look for there radio. “There.” Tony said as he pointed to the corner of the building. So they began trying to call reinforcements but no one would answer. Finally after twenty minutes they get some one on the radio. “Hello?” “Hello radio base 111-1 speaking.”

After thirty minutes of trying to give them there location on a coordinate map they figured out they were in a base were they were captured by some of the worlds most wanted men. After they figured out that part they look frantically for a way out. “Look a window.” Will said frantically. All the men start to climb up to the window and try to force the bars to fall out. “Will, I doesn't seem like there going to be falling off any time soon.” Timmy said to will in a desperate tone. “Maybe we can look for a weapon or even try to create a weapon.” Brian said pulling on one of the bars. So they began to search for a weapon and they find a giant log. They work as a team to get the log off of the ground and they get a good distance from the window and they start trying to go as fast as they can towards the window. A few moments later they shatter the glass and the log flies threw the window and hits the ground.
“We’re free.” Said Tony as he begins to climb out of the window. “I can’t believe your plan actually worked.” Said Will astonished and excited. So all six soldiers begin to climb out of the widow but then realize that there walled in. “It’s a base!” Brian said disappointed. They look around trying to find a ladder to climb over the fence. “Maybe we can find some explosives or something and blow a hole in the wall.” Said Jimmy as he looked frantically. “Yeah, come on guys lets find something to blow this wall down.” So for ten minutes they looked frantically and find nothing that could possibly explode then all of a sudden they find the Armory. “There might be explosives here.” Tony said unlocking the door. “There’s a chance Tony.” Said Will keeping a look out on him. Tony eventually gets the door unlocked and all six men pour threw picking up weapons and ammo and explosives.

“Alright, let’s blow that hole in the wall.” Will said as he walks out towards the wall. It was getting dark so they didn't have much time before the hot desert turned into an extremely cold desert. “We need to move faster you guys.” Said Jimmy as he was watching for any other trucks. As Jimmy was on look out he spotted two to three vehicles driving directly towards the base were they were. “You guys need to hurry up now there are vehicles on the way!” Jimmy said as he was watching to see if they spotted them. A few minutes went by but it seemed like hours to the men under all that pressure. They finally get the explosives planted in the wall and they light the fuses on them. They all run frantically away from the bombs. “The bombs went off let’s move now!” Said Will pulling some of the men. They didn't’ have a safe run because the vehicles were circling the walled up fort trying to find the people who did it. “We have nowhere to go.” Said Tony in a gloomy voice. “Don’t worry I have this all under control.” Said Brian as calm as he could without shivering from the cold. “What do you mean you have this under control?” Said Will. “I called in bombs around us to go off at any minute.” As soon as Brian finished his sentence the bombs were off and there reinforcements have arrived to pick them up and bring them back to base. And every year the friends get together and they talk and laugh about with each other as friends.

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