Short Story

February 26, 2013
By , clarkston, MI
It was an in the moment decision, I’m not sure what ran through my head at that point in time but it did and here I am now sitting in my very own jail cell. Earlier that day, I was strolling along the streets of downtown Detroit with my black leather jacket on, my sunglasses and my gang members to the sides of me. All of us walking along with straight look on our faces, our heads held high like we are better than you. We were passing by a parking lot and we decided to take a break from our walking. All of us sat in the far back and then we saw these bright headlights blinding us and causing us to squint a little bit. When I could make out what it was I realized it was an older man coming to park his brand new red shiny corvette. We all could easily tell he had just purchased it, not single inch of it wasn't polished; the tires looked as if they have never been driven on before and he drove it very slow and careful getting into the parking lot. I guess he wasn't that smart to come park his car in this side of town especially choosing the parking spot he did. He pulled up and parked his car on the other side of the parking lot from us. He stepped out of the car, mumbled a couple of words and just left it there.
All of us exchanged looks and that’s when the idea hit me, “Hey guys, why don’t we break into the car take it for a ride?” They all looked at me with confused looks on their faces then they looked at me like I was genius after pondering the idea
“I’m not sure how this is going to work out what would happen if the slight chance we do get caught? What would we do boss?” one of them asked me. I assured them that we wouldn't and if we did I would come up with an idea, I have dodged a couple incidents where I should have been put in the slammer and this time should have been no different. Another one of the members spoke out, “If we do get caught we stick together, they can’t get all of us if we are together.” That same member looked at me and shook his head, “Newbie.” We then picked at the door until it come open, the alarms went off we managed to get them to shut off and we hot wired the car and my plan was ready for action, I sat in the drivers seat and began to back up out of the parking lot and left. We started heading south and getting onto the express way. We were passing all the other cars besides us left and right. We were getting many looks from the various drivers as they admired the car we were driving. The music was turned up loud and you couldn't hear anybody else talk.
Before we had known it, we had been driving for quite some ways. With every mile getting farther and farther away from where we had picked up the car. It had to been at lease two hours later. If we hadn't been caught now there’s no way we would be caught now this far into the act. But I was wrong.
Then at that moment I heard a distant sound of a siren, my heart dropped as I carefully turned down the music and looked up and out my rear view window. All could see was flashing red and blue blinding lights behind me. I squinted my eyes as I looked back to see them. My hands becoming firm on the wheel, I began breathing just a little faster. “Okay guys… act cool and don’t give ourselves away.” I told them. I pulled over to the side of the road I was out of breath, my hands were getting sweaty, and I could feel a trickle of sweat slowing moving down my forehead onto my right check, my heart felt like it was going to come out of my chest; these were the moments I lived for. As the police officer pulled up behind us he bent down in his car to get something and right as he did that my boys left me, they opened the car doors and hopped in another car who happened to be our last member’s car the same member who had been “sick” I couldn't believe it my guys set me up. What ever happened to he can’t take all of us at once? That’s the last time I let some inexperienced guys join in. The officer stepped out of his car one foot in front of the other and came right up to my window and tapped on the glass confidence is key I thought to myself, I sat there for a minute starting to think of something to say to the man, my thinking was cut short when he tapped again and I rolled down the window.
“By the looks of it this car is stolen. What was your intentions son?” I trickle of sweat rolled down my face once again as I thought of something to say.

“Well you see sir, my friends and I…” he searched the car to see I was the only one in there. “It was dark and couldn't see very well, we got into this car and thought it was ours. The moment I realized it wasn't I turned this car back around to take it back and dropped my friends off at their house.” Smooth, I began to mentally pat myself on the back for that one. .
The officer stared at me for a while as I flashed him a cheesy smile. His eyes darted at me all squinted, I knew I was going to be taken away I looked down at my lap and took a deep breath “You’re going to have to come with me.” He firmly said. I got out of the stolen car and got into the police car, he drove away and I realized I shouldn't have done that, I saw my life and my freedom slipping away. We arrived at the jail and the officer put me in my jail cell and allowed me one phone call. I thought about who I was going to choose carefully.
I decided to call my mom.
“Hey mom...” I started off “I stole a car and now I am in jail with you please bail me out?”

She took a second to reply and said, “It’s time for dinner, stop playing good guy, bad guy and tell your sister.” I said a disappointed okay mom after.
“Hey it’s time for dinner! We will finish our game after.” I told my sister and we walked inside and sat down at the table. Our mom asked us what we were playing and we told her I was the bad guy who stole a car with my imaginary gang and that my sister was the police officer trying to put me into my place. “You girls have a crazy imagination.” She told us. We finished eating and went back outside to finish our game.

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