One in a Million (Mr Bean)

February 2, 2013
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Tonight is just another extravagant party in a ballroom in the city of New York. People come and go, as usual with fancy suits and dresses that glimmer like the evening sky. All of the sudden, the chattering sound quiets down, as the sound of “ooh’s” and “aah’s” replace it. In the corner of my eyes, I see a man in his mid forties walks into the ballroom in a sluggish kind of way. He has a big distinguishable nose that catches everyone’s attention. His shining eyes wander around the room looking for something or someone that all the ladies faintly hope is them. As he brushes away his shiny hair that is covering his eyes, ladies swoon while gentlemen snicker in jealously. He moves his feet rhythmically as his walks down the stairs, looking as fabulous as a model walking on a catwalk. Suddenly he stops. His silly face looks startled, as he tries to look for something in his pocket. Everyone questions what’s going on; Eyes locked on his every movement. 15 seconds passes and he finally finds what he has been looking for. He pulls out something from his pocket, and reveals a battered old teddy bear. He holds it up for everyone to see and everyone applauses and cheers in joy. Almost everyone goes up to him in hope to pet the teddy, and to see him up close. As the sea of people goes rushing toward him, he smiles wildly, scrunches up his nose, and lifts his eyebrows. In a matter of seconds he blends in with the crowd and eventually becomes indiscernible. Even though I can’t really see him right now, I have a picture of him on my mind, and I don’t think I’m going to delete it soon. He is one in a million.

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