The Deceitful

February 13, 2013
How can you build a life here, you constantly build me up to collapse. I always saw with my heart while you looked with your lust. My foundation can only withstand so many renovations. Trust crashes on the shore of my heart gone renegade. How do you show scarred eyes the truth, when all they've ever witnessed is lies?

I knew all along this wasn’t for the best of me, i sacrificed for what i thought was the path of self healing. I don’t know which shadow to blame, so can you can tell me who? There’s only one right side of the story, this sea of reason dies alone. Your crown weighs sullen on your head held high in the clouds. You leave me on this broken path at your fingertips. Your jar of hearts, lies rancid in your grave. You’ve dug it yourself and I was there to watch you fall. Not a hand to grab, not a hand to rehabilitate you’re reasons.

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