The Rainbow in My Life

December 30, 2012
By LiaBe PLATINUM, Bellevue, Washington
LiaBe PLATINUM, Bellevue, Washington
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The thumping of my heart when you first spoke to me. A rose you slyly tuck behind my ear. Murmurings of sweet nothings. Bitter wine laced with glee. Our cheeks dancing at that one club. My silky of my dress twirling as we made our way across the dance floor. Your scent—like raspberries mixed with something even stronger: more alluring. Your lips as we kiss. Our mingling breath as we embraced late into the night. My breath even later. When you were driving me back. Crushing of petals in my hand as you told me that us being together shouldn’t last. The blaring of the traffic light. That Porsche. The blood shot into your eyes.

The car’s light nearing ever closer to us. My clenched knuckles. The noise as you tries to swerve away. My last memory of us.

Glinting lights in the distance. The glow of the cones they put around the scene. My memory of the frozen sun rising in the distance. Hands grasping my shaking form. A blanket being wrapped around me. The inside of my eyelids as the world fades from sight.

My hand as I hold it to my face: seemingly for the first time. Filtered light coming through the weathered curtain I spot in the corner of my eye. Daffodils wasting away on my bedside table. A pill a nurse orders me to take.

The somber eyes of my mother staring into my soul. My face when she told me the news. Bile rising in my throat. Serum being injected into an IV connected to my wrists. Dreams of lush lands where you must lurk now.

Tears rolling down cheeks. Flowers placed at an engraved stone bearing your name. Dark attire. Shuffling of feet. Words spoken at a podium in a candle lit chamber. My stride as I head back into the day. The smirking of the sky— it ironically radiates a beautifully clear shade of the color.

Strangers soft touch. The mix of emotions stirring in my mind. Mystery surfacing from under my pupils. The inkiness of clouds in a sky soon to set.

The night sky at which I now stare. Looking into the mirror and staring into the depth of my eyes center. The true meaning of yesterday and tomorrow. Sins of the heart. Trying to find an answer. Trying to find an explanation. Trying to find peace. Trying but only acquiring.
The rainbow of my life.

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