Why I Didn't Do My Homework

December 20, 2012
By clurburQIU BRONZE, Cranbury, New Jersey
clurburQIU BRONZE, Cranbury, New Jersey
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You ask why I haven’t done my homework, but I believe the question is "Why I think homework is not of importance”. For one thing, yesterday’s piece of homework was extremely unnecessary and will not prove beneficial for my future. Long before class, I acquired this knowledge. Perhaps if I were unsure of the new material learned in class yesterday, or would have liked to reinforce and further the skills I have learned, I would have done my homework. However, since I believe myself to be at the topmost ability to accomplish this skill, I deemed it unnecessary to complete this work. Spring a Pop Quiz now, and I assure you, I will ace it. From your expression, I can see that you appear exasperated—for whatever reason I cannot imagine. Perhaps you think that if I found it so easy, I should be able to complete it quickly and get over with it. Alas, Teacher, your foolishness astonishes me. I consider problems this simple to be an insult to my intelligence. I am sure that every day, you are astounded by my amazing, intellectually-advanced brain.
I see that inexplicable scowl flashing across your face. It matches the faces of many of my other teachers perfectly. I know exactly what you are thinking now—yes, be amazed, I can read minds. Aren’t you enraptured by your students’ talents? Such a lucky teacher. I can see you plan to give me a F minus, call the principal, then assign some unduly hard and impossible homework tonight, to replace the “easy” one. I assure you, Teacher, this is not desirable. While that homework had insulted my intelligence, I beg to differ with your opinion that I would automatically be able to complete this new and improved homework that proves a worthy challenge. Is it not your responsibility, Teacher, to teach us all the material required to be able to do our homework, and assist us when we seek help? So, as you can see, in my clear and just argument, you should not hold me, but yourself, responsible for the fact that I did not do my homework. Thank you for listening. I fully except to have no points deducted from failing to complete the homework, and extra credit due to your failure to cooperate with the rule: Thou shall not question the superiority of thy student.

The author's comments:
This speech explains why homework is unnecessary. A teacher might just be so surprised at the valid "excuse" that he or she will forget that you failed to complete your homework.

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