Strawberry Melt

November 11, 2012
Imagine: bustled halls, wall to wall, high schoolers coming out of class, school bell ringing loud, loud chatter, pleated pants, boys in ties, girls in skirts. Books to chest, books to breast, clamorous stairs, lights flickering. Gossip, cliques, groups, and lockers, locked tight, minutes passing, hustling, whizzing by. Next class, seconds left, need to rush, no second guessing. Pencils, paper, notebook, pen, eraser, utensil pouch, sketches. Late to class, quiet hall, ringing bell, demerit. Sketch...sketch...sketch....smear! Rocking table faulted. Eraser shavings scattered, hands raised in class, answers erupting, lipgloss melting off strawberry lips pouted out. Oh, so innocent. Legs in pantyhose, knees crossed, back straight, pink powdered blush. Powdered nose, collared shirt, Tiffany around her neck, French manicured nails. Ice blue eyes turn you into stone, freckles mounted on her cheeks and nose, studded ears: diamonds with 14k gold. Shiny, angelic hair, pulled back tight in a ponytail. Sleek and straight, long and blonde, strongest muscles, little arms. A life sized, living, Barbie doll. poised on a hit and stikes a remark. "Late again, aren't we?" evil Smirk, tightened face, Siamese eyes, nails are fake. Came in and sat down in my assigned seat, brushing away bangs from my eyes. So much taller than Strawberry Melt, chestnut hair, minty breath. Red oversized sweater, black pants and sperry's, white polo, scratched old glasses. No makeup on, so fresh faced, no nail polish either. Blistered, worn hands, rough, cold skin. Hand-me-down pickup truck, no escalade for me, daddy doesn't buy me gifts, I make my own money. Her shortened, pulled up, off limits skirt, gets her A's no work needed. Tight top, not very busty, stands on her tippy toes and whines beggingly. Doesn't read, doesn't write, illiterate blondie, no need to guess twice. Ended class, no work done, too bored thinking about....running from class, to class, to class, better be on time, need to pass. Imagine: bustling halls, moving slow, longest lines through mazes. Found the stairs, up two flights, 7 classes, minutes fly. Review, review, class after class, loud school bell, striking fast. Closed off school, DBCS, final hour, walking back. Powdered noses, pearls on necks, blondes, blacks, and brunettes. Collared shirts tucked into pleated pants, no blue jeans, no studs, or leather. Not an edgy place to be, a place where socks are checked. Uniform- checked, skinny ties on boys, trimmed hair, buzz cuts, locks. Prim curls, shaggy trim, from darker eyes to blue-grey. Colorful shirts, no blue pants, knee-high boots, uggs, and plaid. Jesus Christ, Christian private school, Bible class; too cool for school. Four buildings now in use, JOY club and new sports. Clean toms, neat boots, shiny medals, rain jackets, umbrellas. School is out for the day, homework after school, love this subject, cannot wait.

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