Destined Leader

November 4, 2012
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Work, work, work...that's all I ever do!Busting my butt and stressing myself out for what?!Getting yelled at constantly even if I've done everything they put on my To-Do-List!I've had enough of this!this has gone way to far!I've been holding this in way too long.I'm not anybody's slave!I'm tired of doing everything for everyone and not having time for myself!I'm not a machine!


Oh great.The demon calls.Okay she's not a demon, she's my mom.We never get along.We can't even be in the same room without fighting.I can't wait to move out of here.
I'm sixteen.I've been dreaming of getting out of this hell hole since I was little.


Geez,I'm coming!Stopping my rambling, I get up from my computer and walk downstairs mumbling the directions she's bound to give me.

"Put my plate in the sink and give me water in my cup.Not to much."

Yup.Right on the dot.I gave her water and returned to my computer.Where was I?


Completely forgetting my place again,I head back downstairs to clean whatever she asks of me.

I finished sweeping and cleaning the kitchen.She threw crumbs on the floor and dumped the rest of her water in the sink.

"You did not sweep!Look you didn't even clean the sink!"


I silently re-cleaned and restrained myself from rioting.I closed the door to the room I shared with my sister and sat at my computer,swallowing my anger and trying to figure out a way to calm myself.

It was quiet and with my favorite band's music playing I felt at ease. I kept hearing a noise in the closet. I got up thinking my cats Joey and Toby got closed in the closet by accident again.

Expecting my cats to run out,I'm met by a tall handsome guy."Mariana Selene Medrano you are to come with me."He said in a deep breathtaking voice.I knew I should object but his deep blue eyes kept me from speaking.

"Mariana?"He asked making sure I wasn't in a state of shock.Feeling stupid, I found my voice."Um...I'm sorry but what?Who are you and how did you get in my house?"

"My name is Darien Demetri Santos.I was sent to find you and bring you to take your rightful place with the werewolves of night.You are the destined leader of the pack and they are in desperate need of your leadership."

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