Your Words and Actions Hurt

November 2, 2012
It’s early Friday morning and just like any other weekday, kids were getting up and getting ready to go to school but Ashley, a fifteen year old girl who was a 10th grader in high school, wasn't so excited to get up and go to school but her mom made her go anyways. Her mom never really knew why she didn't like school, when she was a kid that was her favorite place to be but now it’s not she’s changed so much this year. Even though she doesn't like going to school she always has a smile on her face like if nothing is ever wrong, but behind her smile she hides her weaknesses, her sorrow, and her all pain from her friends because she doesn't like people feeling bad for her. But her friends do anyways when people being to bully Ashley every day. People at school began to bully Ashley because of the way she dressed and because of things she did, her best friend Trent would always stick up for her and tell people that they may know her name but they don’t know what she has deal with every day at home. When Trent would tell the bullies that they would always leave Ashley alone for a day or two and then they would go at it again, and then the bullying just got worse. People began to call her emo because of how she dressed and because of her music; they would leave notes on her locker saying and calling her mean things and she just couldn't take it no more. One night Ashley blacked out, she went into the bathroom took a razor blade and began to dig it into her skin. She then dropped the razor and just let the open wounds bleed; she then wrapped her arm up and went to bed.

The next morning Ashley woke up in pain and didn't understand why then she remembered what she did last night and saw her wrapped up arm. Before she got out of her room she put on a long sleeve shirt so that her parents wouldn't see the scars, and then she left and went into the car. When she got to school her best friend grabbed her arms and pulled her over to him, Ashley screamed in pain and pulled her wrist back and without letting Trent say a word she walked off before he could see what she had done to herself. But either way her best friend found later on day, he was devastated to find out that his own best friend cut herself because of the bullying and it made him cry. After her best friend stopped crying a girl walked by saw her arm and ran off, the word about Ashley’s scars got out and everyone knew that she was cutting herself. People then began to call her emo again but this time because she was cutting. And they would tell her if she cuts herself she might as well die.

A week went by and the bullying just kept getting worse and worse each day and Ashley just could take it anymore. She tried to tell her parents everything that was going on at school but she just didn't know how to tell them and she didn't think they would understand, she felt alone and hopeless and just couldn't take things anymore. On Saturday night while her parents were Ashley got a message on Facebook from someone she didn't know. She opened it up and began to read it after reading it she began to cry and ran to the bathroom grabbed the razor and cut herself again and again. She then for last time got the razor dug it into her skin and cut really deep, she then began to lose a lot of blood and started to become dizzy. Ashley dropped her razor and collapsed onto to the floor. Five minutes later her parents got home went to her room opened the door and say their precious daughter laying on the floor bleeding, they called 911 and the ambulance got their in no time but by the time they got their Ashley didn't survive. The paramedics had told her parents that she had lost too much blood and that there was a cut on her wrist so deep she cut through down into her vein and took her own life. Her parents were devastated and confused and didn't understand why she would do this to herself. Trent ran into the house to see what was going on and then Ashley’s parents had told him the news he broke down into to tears because he had no longer had a best friend who he could spend his weekends with or go to the movies on Friday nights his best friend was just gone. Ashley’s parent left out of her room leaving him in her room, he then noticed her laptop and saw message on the screen. After reading it he began to just cry even more he didn't understand why people would be so mean and send Ashley a message to kill herself already. Bullying isn't a good thing your words and actions can hurt and affect a person’s life and their families forever so don’t do it.

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