The day.

November 1, 2012

Today was the day. I had been planning it for weeks now. No I am not a stalker or a murder or a creeper. I probably sound like one though. But now's not the time for that! My friends smirked, they all knew and Kayla by her locker with her big green eyes and rosy cheeks kept shoving me in the direction I longed yet was afraid to turn to. Elvin kept shoving his elbow in my rib-cage. I looked at him , he was roughly 5'9, 2 or 3 inches shorter then me and had bright green eyes just like Kayla except his were even more impressive. I admire the way he sweet-talks girls. I'll never be as good as he is. I stared up ahead and licked my suddenly dry lips. Then as usual, the butterflies that shared a room with my stomach acids entered. Kayla just once again smiled and winked at me by her locker. She knew too much as usual. Elvin, her boyfriend as well, kept on signalling me in the direction too. I gulped nervously and walked to my locker after fixing my hair back. I was aware of who was next to me. I breathed in the scent of coconut, the so familiar scent. I was so close too. So close. The smell that had lifted my moods up abundantly left and my muscles relaxed. I fixed my hair back messily and did my combination code. The lockers felt so cold on my hands and I hated it at times. Yet at time's like this it was relieving especially since my body temperature rose automatically.I grabbed my books and accidentally slammed my locker too loud for my liking. I once again fixed my hair. I ran off to the bathroom staring at my watch noticing we had about 20 minutes left. I ran to the side and looked in the mirror trying to gain SOME sort of confidence.I smiled into the mirror. Nope. Smiled again differently. Still no. For about 10 minutes of wasting my life I tried out different facial expressions. I stopped and looked at the mirror. I don't understand! My friends say I am attractive but... I tilted my head at my reflection. I was exactly 6'0 , scrawny and had brown ruffly hair that was always messy in a 'cute' way as Kayla says that. My hair was longish and I had on black skinnies. I guess I'm okay. I walked closer to the mirror. I don't understand... I placed my hand on the mirror and sighed. Grey eyes, freakishly tall and strange brown hair. I poked my tummy I surprisingly only weigh about 110 pounds. Yet somehow I'm pokable. After poking my non-existing tummy I started making strange faces in the mirror. First my impression of Luke from star wars. Then Tarzan then Raven from that's so Raven when she say's "you little nasty". A faint noise broke my idiotic concentration. It was faint but it was there... A giggle. As if by instinct my palms started to sweat and my heart raced, no scratch that it POUNDED. The smell of coconut filled my personal space and I did nothing to stop it. My throat dried up and my lips were randomly chapped. Oh no, the butterflies kicked in. She smiled a bit blushing of embarrassing of being caught. She waved a little and I looked to the ground. I am such a geek. She spoke first breaking the silence. "Hello Alexis how are you?" Here it is. The moment. Right now. I collected any little or large amount of confidence I could find and looked at her light baby blue eyes and dark green rim. I was nearly speechless, but today's the day. The day. I finally had all my courage and smiled opening my mouth to speak "Hey R-r-i-i-i-a! You look good today" I stuttered abit in her name and she smiled and blushed this time she looked on the ground, after a couple of seconds of appreciated silence she looked back up and waved "we-" The bell rang to leave and she turned away "See you around Alexis!" She ran off her golden waves flowing right when she was about to turn into the hallway of the stairs she turned around. "Alexis?" I looked up questionably nodding. "You're in the girls bathroom".

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. said...
Nov. 6, 2012 at 6:11 pm
I really liked the ending but am a bit confused about what gender Alexis is. I assumed Alexis is a boy. I liked the story line and how it all lead up to the end which i expected to be romantic, but it was instead embarassing. Good Job!
SugarLoxez replied...
Dec. 23, 2012 at 10:32 pm
Thank you I love feedbakc and yit was supposed to have a twist at the end :)
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