Best Friends For Never

October 28, 2012
By TrinidadPrincess BRONZE, Houston, Texas
TrinidadPrincess BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Best Friends For Never?
We laughed, cried, fought, shared secrets, and became best friends. But eventually separated physically, mentally, and most of all emotionally. We all have that best friend who you just cannot be separated with, no matter what the teachers, other students, or maybe even parents did to get you guys away from each other. You said you wouldn’t let it happen because that was the “peanut to your butter” or the “icing on your cake”. And you just absolutely didn’t have anyone to be yourself around. But for some of us we know we would drift away from each other eventually. Maybe because you are in a new environment with new people. For say high school for example. This is where I will begin my friendship halt.
“Aye, I can wait to high school man”, my friend would say in a sing song voice. “Me either”, I would agree. “Just make a promise that even when we get to high school, we will still be best friends”, she would say again and again, even though my answer never changed. “OK”, I promised, having no clue this promise was just two and a half months from being broken. Neither of us have phones so over the summer we would talk via the Internet or a social networking sites most teens use called, Facebook. We were doing what best friends did keeping in touch and making sure of the fact that neither of us turned “fake” and made new best friends. But of course I have a huge summer ahead of me and I did not plan to waste it on Facebook. I decide to give it a “break”, not knowing that came close to a crashing friendship. After my break me and my friend would start talking less, and arguing more. We began to stop sharing the same interest in things like music, boys, and clothes. When high school started we were off to a rocky start by barely seeing each other and continuous fighting. I made new friends and so did she. We always”joked” and said things like “so you made a new best friend, cool” or “I guess you can’t speak anymore”. Both of us knew we weren’t joking and we’d just brush it off but knew what the other was thinking. And the part I hated the most popped into the situation, betrayal. It’s great to forgive and forget, but there are times when a betrayal is too great for you to continue with a friendship. Betrayal can involve all different kinds of things, from spilling secrets to infidelity. When trust is broken it really doesn’t matter what the betrayal was because the effect was the same. Some friends are able to confront betrayal and work through the residual disagreements afterwards, but for others the friendship is changed in such a way that they can never work it out and be friends again. When you no longer feel comfortable talking to your now old Best Friend about anything it might be time to move on. “My best friend is the one who brings out the best me”. That was quoted by Henry Ford. And this is so true your friend shouldn’t want to see you down or see you fail, they should be lifting you up and making you feel positive not negative. My old best friend was constantly bringing up old fights and messing my day up with her constant bickering, but I continued to stay loyal and fight through it. We both tried to hash everything out but it just kept seeming as if our friendship was made of straw, if a small wind comes by then that was it. And we were found building up again. Friendship is kinda like trust, it’s very hard to build and very easy to fall apart. The thing about it is, is that you don’t realize that until it’s too late. So now with my friends I am careful not to let us become so close to the point where if we did have a fight we wouldn’t be hurt very badly. “It’s not like it used to be”, I can remember saying to my mom. She would always reply “If it’s a true friendship only a fool would let it go to waste, especially after all this time. Tiana, baby you shouldn’t let it get that far. Back in my day-“, “Mom, Please”, I would shut her off because she tends to go all the way back to those ancient days where everybody supposedly got along and lived happily ever after and all that god stuff. But I now realize what Mom tried to tell me was good stuff, and if I listened twice as much as I talk I wouldn’t be in this drama with my friend. I guess someday you have to learn and grow up and become the bigger person when I comes down to situations like these and don’t sweat the small stuff. I go to my best friend in hopes of her starting over and becoming better people together. “Of course we can be cool again, we never stopped”, my friend said in a little too excited voice, but I can’t blame her for being so happy like I said she’s the “Peanut to my Butter or the Icing on my Cake”.

The author's comments:
Well Nothing Really Inspired Me To Write This. I Was Honestly Bored. I Guess I Just Woke Up and Said, "I Think I'll Write A Short Story Today!" LOL! I Just Want People To Know If You You Get Into It With Your Best Friend It's NOT THE END OF THE WORLD OKAY!!

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