PART 2: A Love Predicament

October 25, 2012
By xshillu BRONZE, Lewisville, Texas
xshillu BRONZE, Lewisville, Texas
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September 18, 2012

A Love Predicament
I felt the warm sun on my face, notifying that I had to get up. I rose from my bed and then a moment later I realized that today I had to leave home. I heard a soft knock on my door.
“May I come in?”
But before I could answer back my mother had already made her way into my room with breakfast in her hand.
“Here you go, Priya. I made this just for you on the behalf of your leaving day, eat up and pack everything up quick, we will be leaving in a little while.”

Steamy soft scrambled eggs, crispy brown sausage and a tall glass of milk all ready for me to devour. I said thank you by consuming all the food at once and felt full in no longer than a minute later.
I set the plate aside and began to pack. I wanted to pack everything that I had but that would have been too much, so I packed only things I knew I needed; common shirts, bottoms, socks, etc. Most of my clothes were old and faded which needed to be replaced. But with the scholarship I earned for college, the package included a one thousand personal benefit check for me to spend on whatever I pleased and my personal benefit would be cloths.
My suitcase soon began to fill its way to the top, I was aware that I needed one last thing to top of my suitcase, a picture of my family. I looked over to my dresser and saw the only framed picture I had that included my dad, mom, and I. I looked at it for a moment and then clenched it close to my chest. I placed it right on the top of all my belongings and tightly zipped up my suitcase.
*thump thump*
“Open up Priya, we have to get your belongings.” I was surprised to see a tall man with my mom that had a “driver” tag on his left shirt pocket. They crowded in while my mother pointed to what need to be taken and took my belongings and went down stairs without even peeping a word.
Once again things were going by so fast, but I knew I had to just go with it. As we all jumbled into the car I took one last look at the house where I had grew up in, never leaving; only for short grocery trips or going to church and school.
The ride to the airport was short; not a word was said. Only my mother clutching my arm tightly, and only sounds that were made were angry Indian men riding on motorcycles and cars trying to get from place to place and the marketplace around where groceries were to be sold. I never got to experience these things since my father had passed for my mother never let me see the real world.
“Mam, we have reached your destination.” The driver said softly.
We quickly got out of the small automobile and made we made our way to the gate. So many people were around, moving from place to place it was all hard to take in at one time.
“Alright Priya, your gate is right there all the way on the right, A37. Make your way over there and just follow the rest of the instructions on the ticket. It’s a one way ticket so you will go straight to New York.”
“Thank-you mom.” I said while tears started to roll down my face.
We hugged for forever; but I knew I had to let go. “I’ll call you once I get there, okay mom?”
My momther shook her head while wiping away her tears. “Be safe Priya, and focus on your studies and nothing more.”

I shook my head, “Bye mom, I love you.”

“I love you, Priya.”
I made my way to the gate and checked in sitting alone and by myself. I felt confused and lost, for my mother wasn’t helping me. Once I got up to board on the plane I didn’t need to ask where my seat was for I had been shoved and pushed directly to my seat, alone in a 3 seat passenger seating area, where I sat by myself. I sat in my seat thinking for awhile, on what my new experiences would lead too and I soon fell into a deep slumber.”
“Passengers, we will be arriving in New York shortly.” The pilot had said from the loud speaker.

I woke up from my dreaming and started to gather my things. Three small dinging sounds indicated that we had finally landed and I had made my first steps in America. And with that first step, I knew my life would have changed forever.

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Part 2 of A love predicament.

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