Bombing in SmallVille

October 24, 2012
By TS101 BRONZE, Holyoke, Massachusetts
TS101 BRONZE, Holyoke, Massachusetts
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Bombing in Small Ville

I woke up in fear. I looked at the clock, 12:30 am. It was quiet but I heard something. It sounded like whispers. I wanted to know who was talking. I put on my robe and slippers and went outside my door. I walked down the hallway, trying not to make noise. When I got to my brother Luke's room I peered in and saw him sound asleep. So I kept on walking. I went to my parent’s room, my mom was sleeping but my dad wasn’t in the room. I started to walk back to my room when I heard people yelling. I walked to the end of the hallway and peered out the foggy window. It was my dad.

Who was he talking to? I wanted to know what was happening. I went and woke Luke up.
He was angry and asked “what do you want dork?”

“Dad is outside talking to someone come look.”

He followed me to the window. He looked at me and seemed worried. He told me to go back to my room. I asked why and he just said to go back to my room. I went and he followed me and closed the door shut. I sat on my bed listening. Then I heard mom’s tired voice. What was going on? I kept asking my self. The yelling outside stopped. I heard the downstairs door open and close quickly. I knew someone was running up the stairs. It was my dad. A few minutes later my mom came rushing into my room. She threw the suitcase on my bed. Why is she so upset I thought? She started shoving things into the suitcase. Something’s wrong.

“What’s happening?” I asked her.
She said I had to do everything she told me.
She said, “We have to go away for a little while.”
“Why” I asked upset.
She said there wasn’t enough time to explain, not now. She said to pack clothes, pajama’s, shoes and things that where important to me. I did as I was told.

Now it is 5:30am and my dad put all of our suitcases in the car. He said everything is going to be ok and we will return in a little while. We got in the car and started to drive through the empty streets. As we neared the train station I was shocked there was always someone waiting outside to take a trip out of town. But today there was no one. My mom and dad were whispering about some place in the woods, somewhere near Washington State. They said something else that I couldn’t make out. It was a quiet ride. Only after what seemed like several hours, my mom started telling me where we were going.

“We are going to Washington State. There is a cabin in the middle of the woods there. We will stay there for a few weeks.”
“ Why?” I asked.

My mother and father exchanged glances. Finally my father said, “Small Ville is in trouble.”
“ What kind of trouble” I asked?

“Small Ville owed money to people and never paid. So they are going to attack. They wanted as many people out of Small Ville as possible but you had to leave before 6:30 this morning so that it didn’t look suspicious. Everyone who didn’t leave by 6:30 would be stuck.”
“ Where is everyone going if they left Small Ville?” I asked.
“People are going places all over the world trying to be safe.”
I was shocked and scared. However I had one more question. I turned to Luke. “You hadn’t asked any questions. Did you know about this?”

He looked at my dad and said, “yes I knew.” And I turned away from him and the rest of the ride was silent.

After many days we had finally arrived at the cabin. It was strange. There were many things that this house had but it wasn’t the same. There were only three bedrooms, one bathroom, and a kitchen. There wasn’t anything to do. I just knew this was going to be horrible. But I knew what was happening to Small Ville must be worse.

There wasn’t much food but there was enough. My mother said, “yes it’s different but we are all going to have to make changes. This is for the best we are safe.”
I went to the room that was pointed out to be mine and just stayed there. That night was cold and the next day was the same. I didn’t talk because I didn’t know what to say, I was confused. We just kept to ourselves. Mom, dad and Luke talked but I wanted no part in their silly conversations. So I just stayed there and thought about what was going on. Days went by and shockingly two weeks but it felt like two years.
One day late afternoon there was a knock at the door and my dad went outside to talk to who ever was there. When I looked out the window I saw a man who looked like a solider. About a half hour later my dad came inside. He said something to my mother and then told all of us to pack up. We were told to go back home.
The fact that we were going home made me happy. I ran to my room and packed really quickly. We are going I thought. Everything will be okay. With a smile that crossed my face I started throwing everything in my suitcase. All packed and the car was loaded. My dad did one last check in the house to make sure we had everything. When he came out he said we were good to go. We got in the car and drove away.
When we finally arrived home I couldn’t believe my eyes.

The author's comments:
My family inspired me to write. And with that came this story. My story is about a young girl who wakes up in the middle of the night to her father outside screaming. They ended up having to leave their small town in order to be safe. They end up going to a cabin in the woods and staying there until they are told it is safe to go back. I hope that people understand how things can change very quickly and it is family that matters.

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Great Story.... Keep writing.... what happens next?

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