In That Moment

October 19, 2012
As you climb into the car with people you have known for years you start to wonder; “Do I actually know these people?”

As you slide onto the lap of a flippy-haired, Brown-eyed stranger, you feel as if at any moment that little green eclipse could swallow you whole. You feel the sweet silence sweep upon you as you lose your breath.

Handing him a smile as you get closer, you smile hoping he notices you just as this stranger sees you, You know he notices you but you wonder to yourself does he see you, see you for who you are, wondering if this stranger you just met is yearning for a friend or quite possibly more.

In that moment, that stranger becomes something to you. Even if you don’t realize it yet. In between all the silence, flippy-hair, and brown eyes you feel something for that stranger, though you aren’t quite sure what. But you know in that moment it’s beautiful. In that moment anything could happen.

As the final moments end on a stage, climbing a ladder to new forbidden heights. Looking into these big brown eyes as you climb higher and higher with this beautiful stranger. You get lost in thought and begin to build hope that something will tie you together like the caution tape he has you wrapped up in. In that moment you wonder if it’s a sign warning you that you could fall and stand back up holding the hand of a stranger.
Sealed with a kiss the night ended, but we surely didn’t.

Throughout the time the stranger, turns into more, he turns into your friend, then your bestfriend, then your love. Then you realize in that moment no regrets. "Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring" (Marilyn Monroe)… through this you’ll learn to be yourself, and that everyone starts out as a stranger. You just have to be willing to take that risk and "when you have today say all that you have to say." (Sleeping With Sirens)

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