The Dare

October 21, 2012
By Zachker BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
Zachker BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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English 91
15 Sept. 2012
The Dare
Tim was dared by his friends to go into the abandoned house. Tim, Mike, Sarah, Keli and Kyle are standing outside the house, in shock, of what they saw. There on the front door were the words: “DO NOT ENTER” in large, scrawly letters. Something is very wrong. The warning continued, “THEY ARE COMING…..STAY OUT.”
“Wow” exclaimed Keli in a frightened voice. “It’s written in blood.”
“Hey, did you guys hear that!” Tim yells.
“Yeah”, says Kyle, while attempting to kick in the door with his size ten shoe.
The door opens with one kick of the foot as if the door wasn’t even locked. “Come in!” Tim says to the others while chuckling about the ease of Kyle opening of the door with just one kick. “Follow me” Tim says as he runs around Kyle into the house.
Reluctantly and one by one the others follow Tim into the house.
“Probably just red spray paint” Mike says as the last one to enter the house before closing the door.
Inside the group decides to go upstairs. As the group ascends up the flight of stairs, the stairs creak like old rusty gates on corrupted hinges. Tim and the others go into the only room in the house located on the top floor. Inside the room there is a big machine like object covered in a moth-eaten, dust filled cloth smaller than the machine.
Tim was curious so he swiftly pulled the cover off. The machine has a red handle and Tim just can’t resist pulling the lever down.
The machine suddenly comes to life, but how can that be, because there is no power in this abandoned house says Sarah. The only light coming into the room is from the full moon shining through the broken glass window.
“Is this machine powered by the moon?” asked Mike. But before the others could answer, the machine stops just as quickly as it started.
Trying not to trip over one another, the group starts running out of the room, down the creaky staircase and out the front door.
Everyone successfully makes it out of the house and runs down the street stopping about a block away to catch their breath.
“What was that thing?” Sarah asks.
Mike said to the others, “We will never know because we will never go back in that house again! It’s just too creepy and we don’t know if that machine did anything when it came alive.”
“I agree! Tim said, anyway, you guys need to pay up! I accepted the dare and went first. We survived but that doesn’t mean we have to do it again. Now let’s go get that milkshake that you owe me.”

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i just started writing

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