vacation in candy land

October 17, 2012
By kalielise123 GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
kalielise123 GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
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If I could travel anywhere today, I would travel to candy land, from the board game. I would take a marshmallow plane there and they would drop me off on the cotton candy sand. When I got their I would walk into the candy land resort (hotel). And the concierge was made out of licorice and said would you like the king’s sweetness room or a normal chocolate room. I said I would like the king’s sweetness room. He walked me up and as a tip to him I gave him bubble gum. I walked in and the bed was made out of kit Kats. And there was a gummy bear hot tub. Then I went onto the beach the sand was made out of soft nuts melting slowly, and the water was made out of fruit punch and gummy sharks and octopuses. I went under the water in my Mentos bathing suit and snorkeling gear and then once in a while I would open my mouth and eat a gummy shark. Then I went back to my hotel and got dresses and went down to the world of candy board walk. The ground was made out of Carmel do to get your way out you had to eat the Carmel so you wouldn’t drown. And played toss the candy corn in the whole. And then I took pictures with my gumball camera. And then……times 5

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