The Island of Mistake

October 12, 2012
By michael medley BRONZE, Wilmington, North Carolina
michael medley BRONZE, Wilmington, North Carolina
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The Island of Mistake

Rainsford said “what kind of game.” Zaroff replied “It is my own game, because I have grown bored of other game. Rainsford was curious; he had no idea what Zaroff was talking about when he said his own game.” Zaroff asked him if he thought it was a mistake that he came to this island. He admitted he had a light that made it look like there was a channel when there wasn’t. He told Rainsford his game was hunting humans. Rainsford was very nervous like a little kid in fear. He was now sure he would do anything to get off the island. Rainsford was a tough man who was also a good hunter like Zaroff. His toughness started to be tested. He knew that Zaroff was trying to kill him like he was the other game. He was freaked out by the silverware and nice things he possessed that showed his good side but his bad side was a madman. Zaroff was completely crazy anyone that hunts humans in crazy. Zaroff asked Rainsford for another glass of wine. Rainsford said “no” and Zaroff said “ok well I will see you in a bit, I must rest before a hunt.” He told Rainsford that it would be a good idea to get a head start. Rainsford immediately left and headed for the jungle. A few hours later Zaroff went hunting. Rainsford hid in the swamp that Zaroff said not to go in. He figured Zaroff wouldn’t look there. He stayed in that spot for the whole first day. Zaroff said that after three days that Rainsford would have won the game. The first day he didn’t see Zaroff once. He wondered if he already knew he was there or if he hadn’t actually figured out he was there. He thought that he knew he was there so he had to move. There was one problem though, the swamp was mushy and it left footprints if you walked through it. Rainsford took the chance anyway. He moved to the thickest part of the jungle to avoid being spotted tomorrow. He needed to find a good hiding place like a bunch of trees close together. It was cold, the wind has whistling and howling like a dog. Rainsford also grew tired, and then found a good spot near a bunch of trees in the center of the jungle. Five minutes later he fell asleep. The next day he woke up at dawn to the fear that Zaroff might already be hunting him. His instincts were right. Zaroff was already up hunting. Rainsford for five minutes was as quiet as a mouse before getting up. He spotted Zaroff about 100 yards away walking his way. He had a feeling Zaroff saw him. Zaroff closed in and was now 50 yards away. Rainsford was like a spy hiding from the enemy. His heartbeat was talking to him, trying to give him away. Zaroff was now ten yards away and he knew Rainsford was there. Zaroff stopped and eyed him for 2 seconds then turned away and walked the other way. Rainsford was in relief but knew he had to move. It was now mid morning and Rainsford was going back to the swamp. He didn’t see Zaroff there the first time so he thought he might try it again. He went back to the same spot and waited for a couple hours. He thought that he was in the clear when he heard a rustling noise. He knew what it was, it was Zaroff. His brain was moving faster than light. He knew that if Zaroff saw him this time that he would kill him. He was 50 yards out and was slowly moving in. They were in a swamp so Zaroff could only see his big movements. Rainsford knew that in about 10 minutes he would be spotted if he didn’t move. So then he decided, he was going to move. Everything was quiet like nothing existed. Rainsford was making a steady path to the right in order to try and dodge Zaroff. He was presented with the same problem. He needed to cover his footsteps. He had no idea what to do, he couldn’t leave the footprints but he couldn’t cover them either. He was running out of time and ideas. Rainsford was about to lose it. Then, he came up with one last option out of pure necessity. He was going to charge Zaroff. He thought that if he got a good enough angle that he could kill Zaroff with his knife because he was a hunter to. He moved to the right and was now in perfect position. Zaroff was walking and smoking. He wasn’t paying any attention to anything. The he fell right into place Rainsford pulled out his knife he knew it was war. Rainsford took of in a full sprint Zaroff then saw him running, he shot and missed. Rainsford tackled him and his gun land in the swamp. Zaroff drew his knife. Only one was coming out alive. Zaroff was out of place and on the ground. Rainford went for the kill shot that would kill Zaroff and Zaroff rolled over and threw Rainsford on the ground. He looked at Rainsford and said good game.

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