The Brownie

October 11, 2012
By , Auckland, New Zealand
The Brownie
The smell of freshly baked brownies wafted through from the kitchen all the way to where 8 year old Aleisha sat on the white, 50’s style porch outside. She looked up from the scarf she was knitting and breathed in the scent of her favourite food. It mingled with the crisp countryside air in a perfect combination.

“Aleishaaaaa” called her Mother’s voice, breaking through the tranquillity of the setting.

“Come see if my brownies are any good darling.”
“Yes Mum!” Aleisha shouted, startling a group of nearby ducks in the farm’s pond. They squawked and flapped their wings frantically, splashing in the pond. She practically flew inside, skidding on the polished wooden floors in her knitted socks as she hurtled around a corner. Aleisha was a girl on a mission.

“This could possibly be the best batch yet, sweetie. Do you think I could convince you to try one for me? Give me your honest opinion,” she begged with a playful smile on her face, knowing full well her food-loving daughter would give nothing but compliments. She held out a plate of generously sized, still steaming hot brownies to the grinning child.
With her face full of anticipation and excitement, Aleisha held out her hand, waiting for her Mother to give her a brownie. Her mum selected a particularly large brownie on top of the pile, and with a loving smile on her face put it into her daughter’s outstretched hand. It was dusted in icing sugar and filled Aleisha’s whole hand with its chocolatey, warm goodness. After inhaling the glorious scent of the delicacy for a few seconds, the chubby girl raised it up to her mouth and took a big bite. She closed her eyes as the conflicting textures of the crispy outside and soft, moist inside exploded inside her mouth in a moment of pure bliss. Slowly, she chewed, the flavour filling her entire mouth, overwhelming her taste buds and senses with the intense, rich flavour. Right now nothing except the heavenly taste of the brownie was on her mind, and life seemed perfect.

Aleisha’s mother, Isabelle struggled to conceal a laugh as she watched her daughter’s reaction to her baking. The girl’s chin was sprinkled with brownie crumbs and her cheeks bulged like a chipmunk saving up all the nuts it could possibly hold for the winter. It was quite a comical sight. Isabelle’s successful baking business had been inspired two years ago by Aleisha’s love for her baking. Aleisha was blind, and as a result she had an amazing sense of smell, touch and taste. Although she got many compliments from customers who bought her baked goods on the beautiful presentation, it was always Aleisha’s response to her food that made her day.
Reluctantly Aleisha swallowed the mouthful and sighed. “Oh it’s wonderful Mum, definitely the best so far,” she announced approvingly, before taking another impressive chomp on the brownie.

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