I Won't Stop Crying

October 5, 2012
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I can honestly say I've never cried this loud before and the hurt in my heart is one I once laughed at in others. I can't stand anymore so I've fallen to my knees, whole body shaking with each sob. I never knew I could hurt like this, that I could cry like this. I keep letting out loud, wordless cries of the extreme ache in my chest, trying to make it come out of my heart through my voice or my tears. Each cry is follow by short shallow breaths as I try to breathe the heavy air. Everything is heavy, I feel so dizzy.

Why? I miss you. Why? Why, why, why? It's all I can think. I'm sure no answer could ever suffice. I won't stop crying. I can't. If I stop it means I've accepted it. It means I've forgotten. I haven't forgotten. I won't. So I won't stop crying for you.

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