Expecting Change

October 3, 2012
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Brooke Wesley
English 91
1 October 2012

Expecting Change
Caitlyn has her sweet 16 party tonight. She always finds her way of getting everything, all the clothes, shoes, and jewelry she wants. She plays on the varsity softball team, and starts first base every game.
“Okay, you’ll have to finish your 2,000 word document on chapters 1-5, by Monday,” Mr. Mancrow says.
“But…” Caitlyn said, but gets cut off by Mr. Mancrow.
“No buts! It’s worth 130 points!” he yells.
Later in class the bell rings for the end of the school day and Caitlyn rushes to go see her boyfriend, Mason. She walks out of the door and runs in to the nerd, who likes her. All her books fly out of her hands.
“Hey! Watch it!” Caitlyn yells, picking up her books.
“Oh sorry,” he says, sniffing and pushing up his large framed glasses.
She carries on, rolling her big blue eyes. She spots Mason and walks up to him.
“Hey, I can’t come tonight,” Mason says then sighs.
“What? Are you kidding me!? You have known that I was going to have this party since 8th grade!” Caitlyn blows out.
“Can you please stop yelling? You do this all the time. I have to go to my grandma’s funeral,” Mason says.
Now everyone in the hallway is watching them fight and rolling their eyes because they know what always happens.
“Ohhhh!” Caitlyn says rolling her eyes, and shutting her locker with anger.
“Yeah, I’m not lying. You know what Caitlyn, we are done. I’m tired of you not understanding me. You always want your way,” Mason says, then walks away.
Caitlyn doesn’t know what to do. She just stands there, watching him stomp away like a cloud just blew away and took him.
Later when Caitlyn comes home she calls her best friend crying her eyes out.
“Nicole! Listen to me! Mason broke up with me,” she explodes into her iPhone.
“What? That’s horrible! Tell me what happened,” Nicole asks.
Caitlyn is getting ready for her party tonight. She tries to put her face cream on to have a glow on her face, but her tears over Mason are falling. The cream is gloppy and all wet.
“Well we were fighting because he lied to me. He said his grandma died, and he has to go to the funeral. I just don’t understand, I just don’t,” Caitlyn says.
“And how do you know he is lying?” she asks.
“Like who schedules a funeral on a Friday?” Caitlyn says.
“Caitlyn, be reasonable. Family is important. Now I have to go get ready, bye,” Nicole says in a rush.
“Wait!” she tries to say, but the line dies.
Caitlyn gets a hold of herself and starts preparing for her party. She carefully lines her bright, sparkly, purple eyeliner. She gets her tan eye shadow and spreads it on her blue eyes, trying to make it perfect. Her eyes are stars in the night sky. She was startled by her mom’s appearance.
“Wow, you look like a princess,” Mrs. Howard says, while admiring.
Caitlyn gives her mom a glare.
“Help me zip up my dress,” Caitlyn says, turning around.
The dress is hot pink with rhinestones on the top half. It flows toward the bottom, right above her knees. Her shoes are silver pumps with glitter all over them; the little pieces glistening. When she picked out her dress she was with Nicole. Nicole spotted the gorgeous dress and Caitlyn fell in love. But Caitlyn takes credit for finding it.
“Awe honey, you look gorgeous,” Mrs. Howard says.
“Mom! Stop! Now leave so I can finish getting ready,” Caitlyn says, blushing bright red.
Her mom leaves and Caitlyn tweets on her iPhone. “Going to be the best party hands down.” Then she goes down stairs to see the blinding, ugly cake. It’s like someone threw up all over the cake.
“What is this!? I wanted a purple cake not maroon!” Caitlyn says about to break down.
“Honey, you sent me a text to get maroon!” Mr. Howard exclaims to his wife.
“No I said purple,” she snaps back.
“Oh you’re right,” he said looking at his text message, with a confusing look.
“Oh my gosh. Get some glasses. This was supposed to be the best night of my life, but no. You had to ruin it!” Caitlyn screams. She stomps away, and her heels clicking on the hard wood floor.
“Sorry!” Mr. Howard says, with a crack in voice.
“Whatever dad,” Caitlyn says.
The doorbell rings with her guests for her sweet 16. Caitlyn rushes over to the door and opens it quickly.
“Hey!” Nicole screams, giving Caitlyn a hug.
Her friends walk in, but Caitlyn notices an odd hat across the room and walks over. It’s the nerdy, gross, creepy kid who ran into her earlier.
“Get out of my house,” she whispers, so nobody can see he is here.
“No!” he yells.
Everybody in Caitlyn’s house looks over.
“Get out now!” Caitlyn yells like a bomb.
“I don’t want to,” he snaps back at Caitlyn.
“Caitlyn, I never knew you were friends with Jake!” Greyson says, and then laughs.
All of Caitlyn’s friends are laughing, because they thought she invited the awkward nerd. Caitlyn tries pushes him out the door and as she does she falls right into Jake’s stomach. She almost vomits because he smells so gross, like shoes after you play three softball games in the rain. He is grunting and pushing with his whole skinny little body. Her friends are laughing so hard there are tears rolling down their faces. She finally pushes him out the door, and he falls on his butt and his hat goes flying into the rose bushes. Caitlyn slams the door and you can feel it through the house. Now he is just starring through the window like a ghost.
The party carries on, and all her friends are dancing to the loud music. Then Jake eventually gets tired of watching Caitlyn dance, and Caitlyn watches him walk away.
The party is over and all her guests leave. Caitlyn crawls up stairs and falls asleep crying. She thinks about everything that happened that day.
The next day Caitlyn walks down stairs like a zombie to see her grandpa.
“Hey sweetie I got here a few minutes ago, I have gift for you,” he says with a big smile.
“Okay,” Caitlyn says with confusion.
Caitlyn trudges outside following her grandpa. She sees the shiny new car with a big purple bow on the top. Her jaw drops.
“Oh my goodness! Thank you so much,” Caitlyn says, jumping with joy.
“Here are the key, but under one condition,” her grandpa says, “you need to learn how to not be a b**** to everyone and give a little bit. This is not your car.”
“What? Why?” Caitlyn says, the crosses her arms.
“Listen! You need to give this car to a friend, for them and not you,” he says, “your attitude is very bad these days,” her grandpa says.
“Okay, grandpa I understand” Caitlyn says, reaching for the keys.
“Are you sure? Do I need to pull out a contract?” her grandpa asks.
“No, I will give this car to a friend,” Caitlyn says grabbing the keys.
“Okay, be safe!” her grandpa says.
“I’ll be back,” she says, then walks over to her car and starts it. She starts to pull out of the drive way and waves to her grandpa.
After 10 minutes, Caitlyn arrives at her destination and gets out of the new, black car. She walks up the door and rings the doorbell. He answers the door with a big confused look on his face.
“Hey, I got something for you,” Caitlyn says, not to excitingly.
“What!” Jake says.
“This new black car you see?” Caitlyn says pointing towards the car.
“Yeah, yeah!” he says.
“Well it’s yours now” Caitlyn says, but she never thought she would give anything to Jake, especially a new car.
“No way. You have to be kidding. Is this a joke? Why are you so mean to me?” Jake says with anger.
“Yes it’s yours,” Caitlyn says.
“Stop Caitlyn, where is the camera? Hello?” he says looking around for hidden cameras.
Caitlyn grabs him and says, “This is your car Jake, take it or leave it and you can still ride your bike to school”
“Alright, alright,” Jake says, pushing her off and rubbing his hands on his shirt.
“Jake, maybe you can take a shower and we can go to the mall. I’m buying you some body spray and new clothes because you smell like crap,” Caitlyn says, with her big old attitude.

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