A rose for mom

October 3, 2012
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A Rose for Mom

Monday, September the 7th
I’m at lunch with all my cheerleaders right now, and Melody spilled her juice on my uniform!
“OMG Melody!” I screamed.
“Sorry...” Melody blushed and looked down.
Now I have to go home and have it dry cleaned by the time the football game is tomorrow. Ugh.
Tuesday the 8th
I am beyond glad the dry cleaner got my uniform clean, cause now I'm ready for the pep rally in an hour. I hope we can get the routine right and no one messes it up this time!
Later that night
Wow. Melody messed up for the 3rd time; she fell right on her face. I think something is up with mom because right now I’m in the car going home and mom has missed 3 stoplights... What is going on?
Thursday the 10th
Mom forgot to make dinner tonight... She always has dinner ready by 7. She didn’t even realize she forgot and she’s acting as if she’s distracted by something else.
Friday the 11th
Mom forgot to pick me up from my game, and I’m worried because she never forgets these kinds of things. She said she had a doctor appointment. She wouldn’t even answer her cell phone. I looked like a lost dog, standing all by myself.
Sunday the 13th
“AHHH!” there was suddenly a moaning of pain.
Dad and I rushed upstairs to see what the matter was. We found mom lying on her bed crying and screaming at the top of her lungs. She was grasping at her stomach. We quickly rushed her to the hospital. Now we are sitting here waiting to see what’s wrong with mom. I hope everything is alright, because I don’t have any clue what I would do without her...
Later that day...
I finally got to see her. She looked different, and not like herself at all. They had her hooked up to an IV and machines. She’s lost all the color in her face, she looks like a ghost. I tried not to cry when I hugged her goodbye. The thought of losing my mom crushed me.
Saturday the 14th
Dad and I couldn’t sleep at all last night. We just want to know how she’s doing.
But then... I hear, “Ring ring”
“Hello?” dad said.
It was the hospital. I watched dad as he talked to them until he dropped the phone, crying.
He screamed that mom has cancer. I’m more upset than a little kid who just lost their puppy. I don’t really want to see her but were headed to the hospital now...
Saturday the 14th
Mom looks even worse. We asked the doctor a billion questions but he didn’t really give good answers.
With tears in our eyes, we asked “how much longer does she have?”
He said, “She’s actually had the cancer for a while and there’s nothing she can do, or the doctors, she only has two weeks at most left.”
Dad can’t stop crying... me either. I feel dead inside.
Tuesday the 17th
It’s been three days since we have visited mom. We miss her lots. Especially me! Were taking her home today to see what she wants to do with the rest of her life. Today I decided that I’m bringing her a single red rose to let her know we love her. We want her to be as happy as possible. I don’t want to see how bad she looks but I guess everyone has something they have to do something they don’t want to do at least once in their life... oh geez... it’s time to go get her.
Later that night...
Mom has slept the whole car ride home. She doesn't look as scary now though because she isn't hooked up to all the machines. She isn't the same though, and she also said that she wanted to go to the beach, and go out to eat at her favorite restaurant. That’s all. This is not good...
Wednesday the 18th
The cancer makes mom very weak, but it was 90 degrees today and we wanted to go to the beach. We let her sleep till 11:00 then went to the beach at noon. I think she actually had a lot of fun and enjoyed herself. I’m glad we made her happy. That’s one of the things she wanted to do in her two weeks left. What to do now?
Thursday the 19th
We have decided that we’re taking mom skydiving. It’s official. She has wanted to this since she was 18. Were leaving in a hour and were all super excited. I think that this will bring us all a lot closer and I can't wait!
Car ride home...
Skydiving was amazing! I felt like a bird taking its first flight, and when we jumped out of the plane I felt free and that I had no worries in life. Even though I have many. We all had a blast. This is going to be something I'll never forget doing with mom. She seemed so happy; it was the first time I've seen her like that in a while. Now we’re taking her to her favorite restaurant for dinner tonight. Today was such a success!
Saturday the 21st
Yesterday mom wasn't feeling well so we let her stay in bed and she’s starting to look worse. I'm getting worried; I don't want the time to end. Why does this happen to me? I had the perfect life and now this! But the next few days were doing a bunch of stuff, and the depression is starting to get to me so I won't be writing much...
Friday the 4th
We were all just sitting together watching TV. Then mom suddenly ran into the bathroom and started to vomit blood. It was insanely scary. So now I'm currently sitting in the hospital. Here comes the doctors, I hope they say she’s okay and we can go back home.
They said that mom needs to stay in the hospital because the cancer is all over now, and it's headed to her brain. They say when it gets to her brain she's going to pass. My mom is going to die... I'm going to be mom-less. I'm so upset.
Saturday the 5th
Mom is gone. The hospital told us that when they checked on her this morning they found her dead with a rose in her hands. Dad and I haven’t stopped crying ever since we got the news. I have never seen my dad this upset in my whole life. I didn’t think that I'd be living my life without a mom, but you know, life usually never goes the way that it’s planned... Because the thought of living without a mom never even crossed my mind before this. But, I guess no one has a perfect life forever. I'm just glad that I got to make some great memories with her before she left. I should have told her that I loved her more often instead of taking those “goodnight I love you’s” for granted!

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