Opal & Matt

September 27, 2012
By , Birmingham, United Kingdom
Matt and Opal:)

Chapter 1. (short)

Another lesson of Maths class is here. As we all take our seats Mr Layman explains to us that we will be having a new student coming into the class today, a new girl from another school.

"Woop," Harry says dryly. It's true though. Enmore High has got to be the least hyped school in the whole of Dakota. Nothing great ever happens here. No greatness, at all. To be honest, I can't wait to leave this place and move somewhere else, somewhere where the people smile and actually talk to one another. Dakota's bare. The only people that are like family to you ARE your general family, and even then they run away from you as fast as they can...

"Matthew McCormack! Are you actually intending on concentrating or learning in my lessons? Or would you like me to send you down the hall to Mr Crows office? I'm sure he would LOVE to see you for the third time this week,"

I turn from where I'm sitting by the foggy window to face Mr Layman, who's sitting at the front of the classroom leaning against his desk, eying to loOK cool in front of the rest of the class. What? He's a teacher for goodness sakes, why is he even bothering? As I face him, my brown hair flops in front of my eyes, shielding me from his sarcastic gaze.

"Urm, no thanks Sir, I highly doubt that will be necessary. Although, what I do think would be necessary, is for YOU to go next door to Mr Crows office yourself and get some basic tips on how to keep a class interested and how to teach properly,"

A few giggles escape the mouths of my class 'mates.' I hear a musical laugh from outside. Well, that makes a change, liveliness. Mr Laymans gaze turns to loOK of anger.

"That's it Matt, get your stuff, and leave. Now! Mr Crows room, move it!" he points a bony finger at the door.


I grab my bag, and get up out of my seat. As I slowly trudge out of the classroom, all the other pupils can't help but laugh. I don't get it, laughing at other peoples expenses. I try to avoid Mr Laymans evil glare as I leave. I'm sure that of I do loOK at him, his dark eyes would burn straight through mine and straight out the back of my head, like lasers. Gross.

Leaving the room. I stop in my tracks. There a girl, nervously standing outside the classroom biting her nails. A beautiful girl at that. Who is she? What is she doing here? From the inside of the room, I can hear Mr Layman talking to the class again about the new student. Oh! So this was the girl I heard laughing outside the classroom. She must be the new girl. As Mr Layman announces her name, (I think, considering I didn't actually hear it), she turns, her beautiful long blond hair swirling out to the sides. Wow. Her big blue eyes lock with mine. The earth stops. She gasps, then loOKs away quickly, cheeks burning like wildfire.

What's the matter? Is she not used to boys?

"Miss Menagerie!" I hear Mr Layman yell. "Come into the classroom, I'd like you to meet everyone." she sighs, and suddenly turns pale. Shy girl. As she goes into step into the room, I grab her wrist. She winces, and gasps, turning quickly to face me, her lips inching from mine.

"Hey," I sooth. "It's OK, you'll be fine, don't be scared. Deep breaths."

"I-" she starts, but I interrupt, placing my finger on her lips, then swiftly move my finger to my lips.

"Ssshh, good luck." I give her a secret smile and walk away. As I reach Mr Crows room and knock on the door, I can faintly hear Mr Layman's deep voice in the background.

"Class, this is our new student. Her name is Opal Menagerie."

Mr Crow opens the door, and I step into the room. The door shuts, and I know that from now until the end of my lecture, I'm going to have that name stuck in my mind.

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