My Tragedy

September 26, 2012
By kristenm16 SILVER, Pembroke, Massachusetts
kristenm16 SILVER, Pembroke, Massachusetts
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the other day a girl came up to me and told me she was an old friend of mine, but i had no idea who she was. we talked for awhile and than all of asudden she was crying telling me her life story and who she loves how she cant tell anybody anything. she told me that she pretty much lived in a world that was supposed to be a utopia but turned out to be hell in her eyes. everyday she told me is hell for her. she told me that her best friend barley talks to her anymore he is just becoming a completly different person. she never told him or anybody this but she was secretly in love with this guy they've known eachother not to long but they've become so close its scary. she told me that one day she finally had the courage to tell him how she felt. so she did and he laughed in her face said oh you were serious? after hearing those words she ran into the woods and never was seen again until this day the thing is shes bin missing for 20 years and she looks excatly the same as she did then. so i talked to her about it and cheered her up. than she stated that she had to go so she walked into the woods and i never saw her again. that night i was curious about this girl and why she never got older so i went on my laptop and did some research, turns out in 1994 she comitted suicide by hanging herself in the woods the same say that she was humiliated in front of the love of her life. i couldnt believe it, of course it couldnt have happened i was dreaming i said to myself ya thats it im dreamin. turns out i i looked up one more thing and it said that a couple of days ago was the anniversary of her death. the weird part is i was humilated in front of my crush that same day and i didnt know what to do thats when she showed up. to me this was fate. as in it was meant to be this way. to this day i still believe that everytime a girl thinks that the world is over and not worth living in anymore, that she comes up to them tells them her story and saves the life of another girl who needs to hear things like that.

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my crush told me to let him go and move on because he has someone already and he was my best friend. the day i wrote this i thought it was the end for me.

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