September 24, 2012
Piper anxiously opened her eyes , galloped to her bathroom with her night shirt hanging off her shoulders. Her fragile arms frame her face as she draws her hair from vision into a bun. She wobbles of balance while searching for the scale. The five foot eight body soon toward over the weighing instrument. 81 pounds it read, her coffee eyes widen then her lids collapsed over them.A depressing curtain of failure wiped over her face. Today i must gain weight even if it's just a pound. Piper kicked her feet off the scale and slumped back into her room. There she sat facing the calender , that Aiden her true love, bought her and today was marked with a golden sticker to signify her third month of recovery from bulimia. Aiden encouraged Piper to gain weight in a healthy way of course. She loved him for that and he loved her soul. On her night stand sat her food journal filled with everything she ate and drank for the past 90 days. Carbohydrates,proteins and fats covered the pages from start to end and at the end of every week her weigh in total was never changing always the same. To the point where Piper wanted to give up but she couldn't bear to disappoint Aiden. Her life,her soul,her reason for living.

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