My fate

September 19, 2012
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As the sun rose and the birds chirped Mary's mother Vanessa got started with breakfast. As Mary awakened she heard her father John and her brother Carlos racing to the table for breakfast. She prepared herself for the day and headed down to the table. While her mom served breakfast she brought up a conversation about Mary's future.
"You're still thinking about going to law school, right?" asked her mother.
"You know that's her only choice Vanessa to go to law school and become a lawyer like her brother Carlos." said her father John with no doubt.
"Dad, you know that's not what I want!" replied Mary furiously.
"Well, that's your only choice!" replied her father leaving the kitchen with complete silence.
Later on that day at Mary's high school she saw a sign up page for choir. She decided to sign up and went to auditions. The next day she saw the list of the people who made it and her name was on there. She couldn't wait till she got home and tell her parents the good news. Once at home Mary immediately called her parents into the living room. Once there she told them the news an her dad didn't like it.
"No, you can't spend any time on choir you have to study to become a lawyer."
"But dad I don't want that I just want to sing, come to our practice tomorrow and you'll see my talent. Please?" she cried.
At practice the next day Mary prepared herself to perform for her dad. She went out on stage and saw her dad and mother sitting down waiting for her to perform. She began to sing and the further she went more tears streamed down her mothers face. Once she finished the song Mary ran down to her parents and hugged him. Her father apologized for never letting her follow her dream of becoming a singer.
"You have a beautiful voice and I know that you'll make it big." said her mother while tears streamed down her face. At that moment her father realized that it was his daughters fate to become a singer.

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