That kid

September 21, 2012
By AlexReverend BRONZE, Hudsonville, Michigan
AlexReverend BRONZE, Hudsonville, Michigan
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That Kid

He always stands out in a crowd. He tries to fit in where he can’t, especially in groups that I hang out with. He always thinks he’s right even when I tell him repeatedly he isn’t. He always asks to hang out and it’s always my place every time. He comes up to me at the door.
“Let’s hang out!” with a smile on his face. “Oh this is funny!” He says while dragging the mouse. “Ooo, let’s watch that again!” The mouse clicked as the video replayed. He smelled weird, like cinnamon and syrup, as if he ate the breakfast off himself. It feels weird when I touch the mouse again. He must not have washed his hands from this morning.

I would have said not today, or something along those lines, but my mother always stops me. She told me that the kid might have family problems and he trying to get away from them. As if. I know that his parents are divorced and that they have been fighting a lot recently, but there’s no way it could be that serious. My parents fight every now and then, but there’s no way it could be as serious as to avoid home. If he is just trying to find someone to look up to, I REALLY don’t want it to me.
He fights with his older brother a lot, I know, I’ve seen it. It gets violent between them too, usually resulting in him crying and me telling his brother to cut it out. He get’s really upset and won’t play with him till he apologizes. Sometimes the fights he gets into are more obnoxious than him, and I always have to end it for them. Why can’t he learn already?

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