Once Upon A Time...

September 9, 2012
By AlexKristi GOLD, Denver, Colorado
AlexKristi GOLD, Denver, Colorado
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Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one. -Stella Adler

Regret. Isn't that word powerful? Doesn't it scare you? The fact that every choice you make now you could one day regret. We as humans avoid it. Of course, we don't all do it in the same way. Some of us, the good ones, avoid things that have the chance of being regretted all together. They make the safe choices. Most of us do what will make us happy in the moment with the thought in mind that we can always look back on it and say 'I was happy'. We hope beyond hope that the thought of us being happy in the past will make things okay in the future. Then we have people like me; the ones who do things we know we'll regret because....well, because we do. We do things on impulse and ignore the part of our brain screaming out the things we already know. How dangerous something is. How damaging something is. How....wrong it all is. We just look away because, well, what else can we do?

The closet sluts of the world. Once upon a time we were little girls playing with dolls just like everyone else. So what happened? When did we become so different? Was it the first time we gave in? When we said 'yes' while everyone else said 'no'? An intimate text. How harmful could that be? A picture...it couldn't be that bad. Not if it's just this once. A video. It's getting worse. Soon we just have to shut down. The shame is too much. With every new guy we claim it'll be different this time. We'll be normal. We'll say no. We don't realize how easily he can wrap us around his finger and, when he does, it all ends the same. Then the regret hits and we block it out. A bit more of that little girl we once used to be is erased but, when your choices pile up on top of each other, what else can you do but look away and keep doing what you've always done? What you've always known.

Regret. Isn't that a powerful word? Doesn't it scare you? It should.

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