August 31, 2012
By lizzyclaire BRONZE, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
lizzyclaire BRONZE, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
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Light thinks that it travels faster than anything, but it is wrong. For where ever light travels darkness is already there, and is waiting for it.

It happened when I was simply staring into my coffee one morning, perched in a bar top chair on the Granit island of our spotless kitchen. I was still in my more reveling than comfortable pj's that my step mother had given me not long ago, and felt no desire to change out of the simple clothing anytime soon. After all, I would have to shower, then find something cute to wear, not to mention accessories, and then practically paint my face on with makeup. In all honesty I preferred my attributes when they weren't covered with products, but if I wanted to keep the friends that I had then I would continue wearing them. It was all just so much work; I couldn’t understand why didn't’t just spend the day in sweats, my long brown hair pulled back so that it wouldn’t even have to be fooled with.

But of course I couldn’t do that. I had to go to the mall with my friends today after all, in order to spend my hard earned cash on more clothes, and more accessories that I certainly didn’t need; meanwhile the newest Final Fantasy game had been calling my name for weeks in its perch by the store window that I passed by on my way home from school every day. It would have to be bought in secret though, less someone from school catch me and decide to start up a very unwanted conversation. I couldn’t be marked as a nerd, I just couldn’t; my reputation would be down the toilet, and if I wanted Jenny’s dad to recommend me for the writing workshop at the collage where he taught, then I would have to keep in touch with them and on her good side. Lord knows he was wrapped around her manicured little finger.

I sighed then, leaning my cheek into my hand as if I were simply too tired to hold up my own head, leaving me staring some more into the mug of steaming, light brown liquid. I hadn’t touched the stuff yet, and doubted that I even would, despite the fact that I needed the pick-me-up. I knew that the only energy I would get through breakfast would be the energy bar that I would grab on my way out the door after having spent an hour just getting ready, thus becoming late. I certainly couldn’t eat at the mall, as no one else would be eating anything because it would make them “fat.” I was simply lucky that my metabolism was through the roof, and I could eat anything I wanted while staying thin. I was pretty sure that I would never be able to give up my love for food, even if it meant I would be throwing away a huge opportunity to help advance my future. Of course, none of the other girls could know that didn't have to go on extreme diets to maintain my body; otherwise their jealousy might cause me to be on their next reject list for the soonest social gathering.

I let my fingers trail down the handle of the ceramic coffee cup and then back up again, repeating this motion a few times over in order to give my hands something to do while I thought. If I didn't they would eventually end up in my hair as I played with the seemingly permanently strait strands, a habit that I was trying my best to break.

…I really should drink the coffee…

…It’s not good to waist things…

It was then that I realized it though. I didn't even like coffee.

My younger sister was the one who drank it every morning, but she was away at a sleep over at the moment. My stepmom must have simply made it because her every day morning routine consisted of it, meaning that she had made it out of habit, and then seeing someone at the counter, without looking to see who it was, had placed it in front of them. This morning it had just so happened to be me sitting there. My sister was addicted to the drink like a drug, but I had never really cared for it too much. Then again, there was no better time to start something than the present, and coffee was a general morning routine for most people. Four out of five of my friends did it every morning…

I picked up the cup in front of me and took a large gulp, flinching a bit as the taste assaulted my tong.

Reality tasted bitter.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece spur of the moment because I wanted to put some of my work on here, but I'm still quite proud of the way it turned out. I hope that everyone else likes it as well.

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