Once when he walked

August 28, 2012
By Anonymous

He looked across the room trying desperately to ignore the young blonde in his face. she was pretty but definitely not his type. as he looked around, his eyes caught the eyes of another in the room. these eyes were wide and green. they were pretty but they were no match for the beautiful face they were set in. the girl had high cheekbones, full lips, long lashes, and the smoothest brown skin. he had never seen anyone as beautiful as her with dark lock that spiraled down like hers. he had never seen her before and he swore that after Allison had died, he would never love another. but staring into those eyes, her eyes, he knew that he had to know her....because he had finally experienced what some would call love at first sight.

The author's comments:
it just rolled off my mind. there will be more to come.....surely

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