I Know You're There, Daddy

August 3, 2012
By Kristin2580 BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
Kristin2580 BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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Dear Daddy,
I know you're there.
It makes me happy when I know that you are protecting me.
You can't be like other dads, I understand that, but you're still there.
I know I was still in mommy's belly when you were buried, but she shows me pictures of you sometimes and I know what you look like. It's only sometimes though because mommy gets awful teary when she sees you. She says she misses you a lot, and then she goes to her room and she comes out a few hours later and gives me a big hug. I don't get it.
Daddy, I'm starting 1st grade next year. I'm really excited because we get to sit anywhere in the cafeteria. That will be awesome! I won't sit next to any boys though because mommy says that you never wanted me to date a boy until I was in college. So I won't, I promise.
I really like to read, and my handwriting is getting better.
I think I'm going to cut my hair up to my chin, because it's getting in the way of my shoulders.
I go to Vacation Bible School. It's a lot of fun. We sing a lot about this funny man that did a bunch of stuff. He sounds like the real deal although he lived with the dinosaurs or something like that, but it's okay because they said that he stays living in us if we believe, and Daddy, I do! They say I get to go to this pretty place called heaven with roads that are gold, and so I'm thinking it must be pretty cool and fancy. Are you there now Daddy? I hope so, because my teacher says that I will see you again just like he will see his son again. So I guess his son knew about that guy too.
Mommy says that you made a big difference in our country. She said that you fought the bad guys. She also said that they hurt you really bad and that you couldn't live here with us anymore because those bad guys over in that bad place did bad things, and so you had to go. But you are all better now. I still get really sad thinking about that though, so I try not to.
My best friend Carly asked why I didn't have a daddy too. I told her that you left and that I hope I will see you again. I guessed and said that you were in Heaven because I really want you to be there Daddy.
I want you to stay with me. Do you promise you will?
I sure hope so.
I love you, even though I didn't really get to know you at all actually. But I think if you would have stuck around a while longer we would have been best buddies like me and Carly. I hope we can become buddies in Heaven though.


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