Remember When: Chapter One

August 7, 2012
The sun shines and only I can see it. When I close my eyes the world around me revolves and when I open them again I’m in a whole new place called my home. When you enter my home the mat reads ‘Welcome’ but when you leave you know it’s just another lie. My family has been gone for as long as I can remember and the house wreaks of the things they left behind … including me.

Everyone thinks I am a lunatic, year after year the story of me is passed around and with it new elements are added. As far as I know people see me as a cannibal, which I’m not. I have food and plenty of it, but the food is just another misfortune, it’s all as rotten as the floorboards. When the moon comes I scavenge for food, over the years I’ve learned to hunt. I don’t only hunt for food but for happiness as well. I search for my family. If only I could have another chance I could pay them back for whatever I did, if I did anything at all.

My dark matted hair sticks to my skin and the bed below me creaks in disgust as I sit down. My eyes close and a tear wobbles down my dirty face leaving its mark and then disappearing just like my family. I pull my fingers through my hair and think back to the last memory of my mom.

She sat stroking my black hair that contrasted her blond hair. She sang a soft lullaby as I read my favorite book. My life seemed perfect, my family was well off living on 40 acres of beautiful land in Nevada, it was wonderful. But I was blinded and I can see that now. Something was being planned that I didn’t know about.

I awoke with a startle an unfamiliar noise was coming from down stairs. My toes reach to the rotten carpet below me slowly. I reach the stairs and ascend them careful not to make a noise. I turn into the hall positioned right behind a group of young boys around my age. They are obviously searching for me. There stupidity makes me grin they should have heard me by now. One of the boys looks back and surprises me by not telling the other boys of my presence. He motion for me to run which makes me suspicious, I run anyway. Through the front door, and to the end of the driveway. I look to my right and then to my left the only possible hiding place is the old Subaru.

The door swings open and I jump inside. The Subaru was used for one thing only when my family was still here. It was my moms escape place. Whenever she was angry she came out here and wrote in her journal. This was the first time I thought about it maybe the reason they ran was in her journal. I reached for but a crunch outside my window stopped me. My hand reached to the ignition … the car started.

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