And Now I'm Dead

July 30, 2012
Four, maybe five. Or was it six? There was a lot of them, though. A tall girl named something that rhymed with fat. Maybe it was Pat. Two short and fat boys. I didn’t get their names. There was a scrawny girl. Her name was Gina, I think. I’m not sure, what happened was all a blur. The one that scared me the most was Asher. He was tall and bushy. He was a lot fatter than he was supposed to be at that age, but then again, who knew how old he was? He threatened to kill me at school a lot of times. Either because I aced a test that he failed, or I wouldn’t let him copy off of me, or I got in front of him somehow at lunch, or when he fell off his bike and I was watching. He kept screaming “I’ll kill you if you tell anybody! I f****** will!” But I didn’t really believe him.

I don’t know what or who made me want to go hang out with Asher. Maybe it was the fact that he portrayed so much power, and since I was week and not very protected, it made me feel a little safer than I really was. I still can’t believe I did it. I mean, how stupid was I? Hanging out with someone who wanted to murder me? But oh well, too late. I did it. And here I am, dead as a doornail.

We met at a reservoir. It’s somewhere not very many people know about. I guess that’s why he wanted to meet me there. I immediately knew something was wrong when I saw Gina there. I thought dates were supposed to be two people, not three, right? I still am not quite sure though.

And then the fat ones and the tall girl came out from behind the bushes. That really frightened me. I don’t even know what I was thinking, and why I didn’t scream. Maybe because I wasn’t very powerful.

Asher and I had a very long conversation about how, if I somehow lived, I wouldn’t tell anybody who did it, because they have people they can get a hold of at school to make my life even worse than it already is, if it’s possible. I nodded my head yes. And then Gina pulled a rope out of her backpack. And now I’m dead.

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